the end of some things

For my last night in the Windy City, we decided to do those things that you can do pretty much anywhere. See a movie and watch a football game. But even these sorts of every day activities were made special because I did them with people that I love and don't get to see very often. Plus, the movie was No Country for Old Men and the football game was KU v MU. So. Two kind of special events on their own merits. The movie was fantastic—I highly recommend it—the football game was the exact opposite of fantastic.

I've decided to just forget the horribleness that was the KU v MU game and just pretend that we were never even there. For that was abysmal. Instead, I'm going to focus all of my energy on basketball. Which is how it should be anyway. Oh and I'm apparently an idiot. I didn't understand that 'cupcake' meant a really easy season. I thought they were actually talking about Mangino's obvious love of all things edible. So, everyone forgive all of my blathering about the power of cupcakes. I don't really get football.

I made it back to 'rado with minimal hassle and almost no fuss. Although part of me just wanted to stay in Chicago. Mostly because I really miss my peeps and I hate being so far away from them. I had a fantastic time and it was hard to leave.


Kate C said...

Mark and I were in St. Louis for the holiday. Despite the fact that nobody in our family went to Mizzou, and that, as far as I can remember, my Dad is not a football fan, not even a college football fan, he watched the game on Saturday night with an excitement and glee that I have not seen from him since the Cards were last in the world series. You'd have thought his alma matter had just won a college championship.

Anyway, I don't think it was cupcakes. Looked to me like KU was just kind of shell shocked. Which is too bad. But it happens sometimes (I refer you to the Rockies in this years world series). I guess it just happens sometimes.

d said...

i think shell shocked is a very apt depiction of what they looked like.

ku is the chokingest team that ever choked. so it wasn't really a surprise to any of us.