the daily commute

I've decided that I need to start taking pictures again. So, I'm going back to 'the daily commute' which, while I don't have one of those anymore, could still qualify as a title for things I see at home or around town, right?

Last week, I took the window a/c unit out of my bedroom window and hadn't had a chance to replace the storm windows, so my house became infested with lady bugs. I saw this one on the arm of my couch. Incongruous.


Big Daddy said...

What is up with all the lady bugs!?

They're everywhere.

I wonder if it's because it's been a relatively mild fall.

d said...

i know, right? last year it was those weird black bugs with the long red stripe on either side and this year it's the lady bugs.

'rado is weird.

blythe said...

there are worse infestations. trust me. i have an infestation of books. they're literally everywhere. i can't take a step without squashing some tom robbins.

d said...

tom robbins would probably enjoy being squished.

Scoobers said...

i love the idea of the daily commute... and lady bugs.