and now a break from our regularly scheduled programming (or, HOLY SHIT what universe is this?)

All I have to say is KU is No. 8. And I think that's in the whole entire country, not just the state of Kan. And they handed Nebraska their hats on a plate yesterday. 76 - 39! Remember when Nebraska was good at football? When I first read the score I had to go back and look at the picture again. I thought I was reading a story about basketball, not football. But no. It was a story about a football game.

And speaking of basketball. The first game of the season was on Friday, for all of you who aren't keeping score at home. And, no surprise KU won. Handily. It was an exhibition game after all. If you can't win those, then you should take up some other career, like crocheting afghans or something.

KU v Pittsburgh: 94-59. It looks like everyone is playing as expected.

I like it when the universe is all tidy like that.


Michael5000 said...

I spent five years at the University of Kansas, and if it hadn't been for the big roofless building down at the bottom of the hill I might not have been aware that there was a football program. The scores coming out of the state this year have been downright surreal.

d said...

dude. i don't know how to even talk about it. it's pure craziness is what it is. somebody obviously sold their soul to the devil. that, or it's the power of cupcakes.

d said...

p.s. rock chalk jayhawk!