24/365 the dweeb

You were my best friend freshman year. Until that day we got into a fist fight after gym class. For some stupid reason. I got suspended, you didn't. As punishment, I had to paint the entire house.

I'm a participant of x365.


blythe said...

i did not have you pegged as the type to have been suspended. interesting.

also, i'm only at 19 and it's getting really, really hard. especially since i limited myself to 26 words. maybe not hte best idea.

d said...

i remember a little drought at that point also. power through. or don't. whatever. if you look at the blog roll, a lot of people have stalled out. it'll just be one more thing i'm better at than you. that's all.

you can also just change the rules. go random like big daddy. or up the number of words.

it helps if you're old like me, you get more words. although sometimes i find myself wanting fewer...

Big Daddy said...

I think it would be twice as hard if you had to limit it to a certain number of words.

Scoobers said...

Do you think your parents waited to paint the house until you got into trouble? Hmm. Makes you wonder.

In response to the responses... Us older people have a leg up on x365. We've met more people and have 35 words. I added a word for the age I'll be WHEN I finish the project :)

d said...

i should ask my folks about that.

the certain number of words just make it tougher, but it also really makes me focus on what words i choose, which, to me, makes it more interesting.