41/365 the adulterer

I was your husband's employee and friend, but that didn't stop you from saying flat out that you wanted to have sex with me. You also had a son. That didn't seem to phase you either.

I'm a participant of x365.


daily commute

I'm actually busy with work this week (I know, it's as shocking to me as it is to you), so the dogs are getting very hurried, kind of frantic walks around just the smaller pond. With no swimming. Which the R-dog is not happy about. So she keeps eating dried horse poop as a form of retaliation.

40/365 the witch

You wore one of those fake turtleneck things every. single. day. After recess, you would whip out a mirror and ply another coat of ruby red to your wrinkled lips. I think you preferred us being terrified.

I'm a participant of x365.


39/365 the fireplug

'Twat' was your favorite word and you loved to yell it out in staff meetings. You were brash, rude and quite often extremely offensive. At the time, my Midwestern values were constantly shocked and thrown in turmoil.

I'm a participant of x365.


38/365 the conservative

You proudly voted for Bush. Twice. Your faith in God forms every decision you make. You could be one of the freaks in Jesus Camp. Even with all of that, you barely flinched when I came out.

I'm a participant of x365.

that was way too close

After a lot of cursing (by me and probably Coach), the 'Hawks pulled it out of their asses and beat Arizona in OT. The best quote of the night: 'Darrell Arthur just became King Arthur.' By one of the stupid announcers. Yeah. I kinda wish I'd thought of it. He is the only reason we won that game.


the end of some things

For my last night in the Windy City, we decided to do those things that you can do pretty much anywhere. See a movie and watch a football game. But even these sorts of every day activities were made special because I did them with people that I love and don't get to see very often. Plus, the movie was No Country for Old Men and the football game was KU v MU. So. Two kind of special events on their own merits. The movie was fantastic—I highly recommend it—the football game was the exact opposite of fantastic.

I've decided to just forget the horribleness that was the KU v MU game and just pretend that we were never even there. For that was abysmal. Instead, I'm going to focus all of my energy on basketball. Which is how it should be anyway. Oh and I'm apparently an idiot. I didn't understand that 'cupcake' meant a really easy season. I thought they were actually talking about Mangino's obvious love of all things edible. So, everyone forgive all of my blathering about the power of cupcakes. I don't really get football.

I made it back to 'rado with minimal hassle and almost no fuss. Although part of me just wanted to stay in Chicago. Mostly because I really miss my peeps and I hate being so far away from them. I had a fantastic time and it was hard to leave.

37/365 the vet student

We often, jokingly, call you the horse whisperer, but it's kind of true. You have a way with animals that's magical. I know you'll make an awesome vet. Thanks for always being willing to watch my dog.

I'm a participant of x365.


36/365 the confidante

You didn't go ewwwww. Or holy crap, really? Or even dude, seriously? Maybe that's what you were really thinking, but you hid it well. You helped me remember that we're all just humans. Trying to muddle through.

I'm a participant of x365.



It's over and my stomach is so stretched out that I may need that gastric bypass surgery just to get it back down to normal size. I thought I was doing pretty well—I only had one plate—but then right there at the end I decided to have another roll and that just put me over the edge. Well, that and dessert. But how could I turn down homemade apple tart with hand whipped whipped cream? Right?

Tina, Sam and I went over to Curtis and Cristi's for dinner, which Curtis said Cristi had been up since 5a making that day. All I have to say is her efforts were most decidedly worth it 'cause that was one of the best meals I've ever had in my entire life. If it tells you anything about how so much more than awesome the meal was, I'll just let you know that she makes her own crackers. Seriously. Now extrapolate that for the entire meal and you'll have an idea what we got to shove down our gullets. And I didn't have to do a damn thing for it but bring some booze.

For some reason, every time my friends and I get together to have one of these things, I'm the one nominated to carve the bird. Maybe I just seem like the type of guy who needs a large, sharpened knife and a really pointy fork in his hands in order to feel like everything is right with the universe. Every time too, I'm terrified that I'm gonna f' it up, but I think after yesterday what I've learned is that it's pretty difficult to f' up. Really, the whole goal is to get the meat off the bones right? Pretty much no one cares what it looks like once it's on their plate. Especially if it's the most delicious, melt in your mouth, turkey you've ever eaten.

At any rate, I know we're supposed to stop and list out all of the things we're thankful for this time of year, but this was a fairly craptastic year for me with a lot of ups and downs and lately I haven't really felt all that thankful. So what I will say is that I'm inordinately grateful for the people I have in my life—both friends and family—you're what gets me through.

I hope everyone had fantastic Turkey Days.


35/365 the artist

Silkscreening. Still lifes. Portraits. Posters. Painting. Charcoal and pastels. You encouraged me to become a professional artist. But I was scared, uncertain and lacked the necessary confidence at the time. Would you be proud of me now?

I'm a participant of x365.

wednesday - thanksgiving eve

The trip to Chicago was uneventful. The shuttle was thirty minutes late getting us to the terminal but it ended up not making any difference whatsoever because security seriously only took 10 minutes. I woke up at 6a Wed morning, and immediately launched my assault on the Denver airport. The first step? Obsessively calling on the hour, every hour, the Denver TIPs line and every time, the jovial recorded voice happily announced that the wait time was only five minutes. Of course I didn’t believe him, especially considering my experience last year.

So, since I’d planned on two extra hours to trudge my way through the security line, I got up to my gate 2.5 hours early only to find that my flight had been delayed by an hour and a half. I decided that was the sign that I needed to go find some lunch. After buying my food, I had the bright idea to check the departures board to see if there were any other flights leaving before 5p, and I discovered that there was one leaving right now.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t full. What’s up kids? It’s the day before Thanksgiving, supposedly the busiest travel day of the year, right? And I had one of the easiest airport experiences I’ve ever had. Astonishing.

A side note: Any white guys over the age of 35 should not say the word ‘girl’ (pronounced gurrrel) to black women. This holds true even if you’re a gay white man over the age of 35. With a mustache.


34/365 the kindergarten teacher

You asked me out over IM. And confirmed through a text message. I was wondering if you had a voice or maybe weren't sure how it worked. Then we met for drinks and had a spectacular conversation.

I'm a participant of x365.



I don't feel like working today, and while I know cerebrally that this will make Monday pure living hell, today I do not care. Maybe I'll die in Chicago and won't have to worry about it right? So, instead of working, I'm gonna blog. You might want to sit down and get your noggin on straight, 'cause this is gonna be really rambly.

• During yoga class on Saturday I had to stop a couple of times because I felt like I was going to throw up. Then, for the next two days, I couldn't really leave the house because I felt like I might crap my pants at any moment. Today, it's gone.

• Also during yoga class on Monday a bunch of sweat ran down into my ears, and I seriously think I have swimmer's ear. It's all clogged up in there. Flying tomorrow is gonna be a blast.

• Have you heard of the movie, The Golden Compass? It comes out in December and it's based on the first in a series of novels called His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Roughly, it's about these kids who have to travel to the spirit world in order to save their own. One of the points of the plot is that organized religion is bad and God doesn't exist (Pullman is a confirmed atheist). Ok. So all of this is a long, roundabout way of saying that I read this thing today online written by some Christian nutjob who's all pissed off because someone dared put something out into the world that disagreed with his/her beliefs. My question is this: what are the Christians so afraid of? Is their god so weak that he can't stand up to some criticism and alternate ways of thinking? I happen to think that it would be a good thing if kids were exposed to all of the religions–atheism included–and then decided for themselves which is true.

• I raked leaves again today. Largely because the woman who lives next door to me refuses to rake hers, so they all blow into my yard. I tell you what though, if more of hers blow into my yard this time around, I'm gonna go out there and just shove them all back into hers. And maybe light them on fire while I'm at it.

• I'm totally in love with the band in the freecreditreport.com commercials.

• I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for T-giving. I'm pretty excited about everything about it but the airport. It's gonna be awful.

sunset rubdown

If you don't have Random Spirit Lover yet, run now to the internets closest to you and download. It's pretty amazing. Unlike everyone else, I don't really care that Wolf Parade hasn't put out (isn't it weird that 'put' and 'out' have almost the exact same letters, but sound completely different? English is weird.) another album in three years and Mr. Krug's side project, Sunset Rubdown, has put out three, 'cause it satisfies my Spencer Krug addiction. And, I think I kind of like Sunset Rubdown better than Wolf Parade anyway. Don't hate me. There's just something about the addition of Camilla Wynn Ingr of Pony Up! that makes Sunset Rubdown's music more interesting than Wolf Parade's.

Anyway, this was done for Daytrotter. Who said, once again, 'This is too rad, dude. Thanks!' Those kids smoke way too much pot.

33/365 the rock star

Smoking pot and building websites are just your day jobs. At night, you transmogrify into the lead singer of one of the most mediocre bands I've ever had cause to witness. I hope you rock better someday.

I'm a participant of x365.


32/365 the camp counselor

You forever altered REM's Losing My Religion, by telling us all how friends of yours liked to substitute the word, 'erection' for the word 'religion'. That was fifteen years ago, but it still causes me to chuckle.

I'm a participant of x365.

it's gotta end sometime, right?

No 2. That's all I got to say. We beat Iowa, which no one really thought would be all that difficult—Iowa has always and will always suck at all things sports related. But, now we must face Missouri. At Arrowhead Stadium. The home of the Kansas City Chiefs. Tickets sold out in like two seconds. I was talking to my friend Tina last night and we decided that there's no way in hell that someone isn't gonna die at that game. Get a bunch of rednecks, who aren't afraid to own firearms, from two different states in one concentrated place, fueled by a rivalry that goes back to that time during the first Civil War when some people from Missouri burned down Lawrence*, and someone's bound to get shot.

That or the universe is seriously going to implode. Seriously. I'm worried about the universe. KU can't, just can't, be good at both football and basketball. So, either the 'Hawks are about to have a spectacularly shitty bball season or the universe is gonna flip inside out and we're all gonna die. Probably the exact same time that Mangino eats one too many cupcakes and his stomach pops out of his skin.

*This is according to Tina who is probably the only person on the planet who even remembers that there even was a Quantrill's Raid, so it's not likely that this is really the beginning of the Kansas/Missouri college sports rivalry, but still, it has been there for a very, very long time. And people get all worked up about it.


31/365 the first time

You made us watch the pretty terrible Dirty Dancing, but then we did a little dirty dancing of our own. Unbelievably embarrassing now, but so believably teenager. I got into trouble for not coming home that night.

I'm a participant of x365.

scary (sort of) movies

I finally got around to watching 28 Weeks Later the other night and I can't decide how I feel about it. In general I'm a huge fan of horror flicks and zombie movies as a sub genre usually can't be beat. Plus, I loved 28 Days Later. I also realize that sequels hardly ever meet the brilliantness of the originals, but this one just seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

As a longtime lover of horror movies, I know that you have to be willing to suspend your disbelief by quite a fair margin, and just go with the flow. Let whatever happens, happen and try not to think too much about it. With this one though, it was pretty difficult to do. I mean, c'mon. There is no way the dad would've survived the fire bombing and the tear gas/mustard gas to be exactly where his kid is gonna be in the subway in order to infect him. And let's not even get started about whether the mother would've survived the mob of zombies that killed the rest of the people in the house at the beginning of the movie. Zombies that rip out people's throats and punch out their eyeballs, but she survives with only a superficial bite on her arm? Also, are we seriously supposed to believe that the army would put a bunch of people into containment in a space that wasn't secure or at least not guard all of the entrances?

This movie was predicated on the fact that a series of small human mistakes lead to unmitigated disaster, but it would've been far more interesting if they'd made the mistakes more believable.

That leads me to a movie that has me just about wetting my pants in anticipation. The Mist.

Stephen King is a master at the whole, 'tiny mistakes snowball and make a normal day into one of your most terrifying nightmares' storyline. Plus, the guy could take a can of cat food and turn it into one of the most horrifying things you've ever encountered, so you just know The Mist is gonna be good. It's one of my all-time favorite Stephen King stories and it's got everything you need for a spectacular scary movie. Fog so thick that you can't see two feet in front of you, nor see the giant killer bugs that are swooping in to eat your face.

Awesome. I can't wait.


30/365 the quilter

We called you Nanaw. You had mad skillz with a needle and thread. And a fishing rod and a worm. Most importantly, you were so much fun to just hang out with. You were one great lady.

I'm a participant of x365.


29/365 the sibling

I wish I could celebrate your life, but all I feel is massive rage and endless sadness. You brought nothing but misery to those around you, but still, I hope that you've found some peace. At last.

I'm a participant of x365.


28/365 the puerto rican

You were the second first. I thought things finally would be different that time, but you ended up treating me like so many others had, by getting some on the side. I hope he made you happy.

I'm a participant of x365.


daily commute

I see this sign every day on my morning walk with the dogs. It's posted by the path that leads down to a couple of ponds where the dogs and I like to go for a swim. We ignore this 'suggestion' just like everyone else that walks their dogs there.

27/365 the heiress

For the four years we worked together, you had a massive crush on me. Yes. I knew. But you were so definitely not my type and your brats were extremely annoying. It would've never worked. Trust me.

I'm a participant of x365.


26/365 the science teacher

Your chemistry class was good, but your anatomy class was better. Frogs and fetal pigs, yes. But dissecting the cat was my favorite. We named ours Flash. Though he more closely resembled Bill from Bloom County. Ack.

I'm a participant of x365.


let's talk sports shall we?

I seriously don't know what universe this is anymore. KU (football) beat OSU on Saturday and just got ranked No. 3 in the country. Dare I say that we may actually go to a bowl game this year? We still need to face Iowa and Missouri so our undefeated streak may come to a quick and bloody end, but still, HOLY CRAP. We're undefeated and there are only two games left in regular season play. Talk about shock and awe.

The power of the cupcakes indeed. Although, I'm kind of just waiting for Mangino to burst like a stuffed sausage any day now.

KU (bball) also won against UMKC last night. 80-something to 60-something, so it was a lot closer than it should've been.

25/365 the labrador

Your enthusiasm for life is inexhaustible and infectious. You've got excellent taste in music, questionable taste in movies and a fanatic's love of all things sports. I always have an exceptionally good time when we hang out.

I'm a participant of x365.


24/365 the dweeb

You were my best friend freshman year. Until that day we got into a fist fight after gym class. For some stupid reason. I got suspended, you didn't. As punishment, I had to paint the entire house.

I'm a participant of x365.


off to a good start

The 'Hawks official home opener to kick off the '07-'08 bball season was last night. I'm too cheap to buy a Full Court Pass, so I didn't get to see the game. Instead I went to a fundraiser. I know, I know, I lead a terribly exciting life. Try not to be too jealous. However, since I didn't get to bed until 1a in the morning and right now I feel like there isn't enough caffeine in the world to make me a living human being, I'm just gonna report the facts:

• 107 -78 against Louisiana Monroe (or something like that - all I know is that I've never heard of them before).

• Darnell Jackson got a personal record of 21 points in one game.

• 5 KU players scored in double points

• They shot 57% from the field.

I'm just extremely relieved and astoundingly happy that it wasn't another Oral Roberts. 'Cause that shit was just sad.

23/365 the midlevel boss

Stuck in a rut for 30 years, you always seemed disappointed with your life. It didn't kill your sense of humor though. You were hilarious. Until that day you punched the wall of my cubicle. Not cool.

I'm a participant of x365.


the prestige

So this came from Netflix the other day and I decided that I needed something rather mindless to do last night so I popped it in. Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins) has impressed me before, so I thought this would be a pretty safe bet regardless of the lukewarm reviews I'd read of it. I'm really mad about my decision. It sucked balls.

Based on a rivalry between two famous magicians in London, the movie tries desperately to weave a tale of revenge and how, while it's a dish best served cold, it usually leaves you unfulfilled and dissatisfied (if not just outright dead) in the end.

It was poorly written and the plot was much more than predictable and the 'real magic' revealed at the end was stupid and unbelievable. Thanks for stealing two irretrievable hours of my life Nolan and crew. I definitely regret it. At least the cast was pretty and nice to look at. That's one thing it has going for it.

22/365 the evil twin

Music slut. Fellow loather of the word 'moist'. Funny as all hell. Even though you're eleven years my junior, sometimes I feel like we were quite possibly separated at birth. I've never met you in the flesh.

I'm a participant of x365.


the daily commute

The starting hold on one of my favorite bouldering problems at the gym. Largely, because it's one that I can actually finish, but it's also a lot of fun. There's a small dyno at the end, which I've always sucked at, but this one, for some unholy reason, I can do. It's the little things, you know?

21/365 the boss (#2)

You were a strange dude. Twitchy. Loud. Kinda crazy. Might've been drunk. A lot. But you were the best boss I ever had. You were the first. All others were compared to you and found somewhat lacking.

I'm a participant of x365.


i guess this is me

You know those stupid internet tests that everyone's always taking? What superhero are you? If you were a city, you would be this one? Who you're supposed to marry? Well, sometimes I actually take the time to do them to see what they'll say about me. Mostly for the entertainment value, I swear, not because I actually believe any of that crap. Anyway, yesterday I took one that claims to be able to tell everything about you based on your birth date.

This is what mine came back as:

You're not good at any one thing, and that's the problem.
You're good at so much - you never know what to do.
Change is in your blood, and you don't stick to much for long.
You are destined for a life of travel and fun.

Your strength: Your likeability

Your weakness: You never feel satisfied

Your power color: Bright yellow

Your power symbol: Asterisk

Your power month: May

So, apparently I'm a flighty asshole who won't ever be happy with anything. The sad thing? It's kinda true. I'm really restless most of the time. And I grow bored very easily. But so far that hasn't brought me very much fun. Instead, it's given me angst and a not small amount of discombobulation. When's the fun gonna start? And what the hell is a power symbol? And why is mine an asterisk? Does that mean I'm a footnote?

If anyone can answer those questions for me, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, and if you want to find out what it has to say about you, go here.

20/365 the boss (#1)

Our nickname for you was Fire Crotch. Because of your red hair, but also your evil personality. Not only were you vastly incompetent, you were petty and mean. A combination of traits not suited for managing others.

I'm a participant of x365.


19/365 the biker

Mountain biking, road biking, beer, barbeque. Lunchtime rides on the trail by the river. Fighting the wind on that country road north of town. You have the sweetest dog and the coolest wife. You're one lucky man.

I'm a participant of x365.


the daily commute

I've decided that I need to start taking pictures again. So, I'm going back to 'the daily commute' which, while I don't have one of those anymore, could still qualify as a title for things I see at home or around town, right?

Last week, I took the window a/c unit out of my bedroom window and hadn't had a chance to replace the storm windows, so my house became infested with lady bugs. I saw this one on the arm of my couch. Incongruous.

18/365 the giver

I can say anything to you without fear of reprisal or judgment. Of all the people I know, you truly accept others for who they are, warts and all. It is a coveted, rare and special gift.

I'm a participant of x365.


and now a break from our regularly scheduled programming (or, HOLY SHIT what universe is this?)

All I have to say is KU is No. 8. And I think that's in the whole entire country, not just the state of Kan. And they handed Nebraska their hats on a plate yesterday. 76 - 39! Remember when Nebraska was good at football? When I first read the score I had to go back and look at the picture again. I thought I was reading a story about basketball, not football. But no. It was a story about a football game.

And speaking of basketball. The first game of the season was on Friday, for all of you who aren't keeping score at home. And, no surprise KU won. Handily. It was an exhibition game after all. If you can't win those, then you should take up some other career, like crocheting afghans or something.

KU v Pittsburgh: 94-59. It looks like everyone is playing as expected.

I like it when the universe is all tidy like that.

'words' i'm really starting to hate

1. Kewl - WTF is up with this? Who is responsible? They must be shot. What's wrong with 'cool'?
2. Meh - This might be one of those things that I'm frankly too old and stodgy to get. But I'm sick of it already.
3. Ur - I totally understand the need for this. Especially when texting. But still. When typing e-mails or chatting over IM, it is not that hard to add those extra two - four characters.
4. Anywho - Don't even get me started on this. It makes me want to punch people in the face. Hard.
5. TTYL - Ok. I've been guilty of using this. BUT NO MORE! Just say 'bye'.
6. Teh (instead of the) - Again. WTF is up with this? I don't understand. I never know whether this is a typo or on purpose. And it kind of makes me angry.

17/365 the soldier

If nothing else, you certainly made me feel like I was somewhat attractive. From the minute I walked into the room. I'd met you before but pretended I couldn't remember. So, that's what all the stories mean.

I'm a participant of x365.


16/365 the spanish teacher

Puta. Chenga tu Madre. Chúpeme la mondá. Cajones. Pichar. Tetas. We begged and pleaded the entire semester. Finally. One day you relented. And taught us how to curse in your amazing Colombian accent. I got an A.

I'm a participant of x365.


sophomore year

Recently two bands that I kind of like released their second albums. I was really excited about both of them because I highly enjoyed both bands' debut efforts. For the most part, they didn't disappoint.

Band of Horses - Cease to Begin
This album doesn't have the grand sweeping, orchestral feelings that the first album produced, especially The Funeral, but it's still pretty solid from start to finish. You can tell they're hitting their stride and trying to find their place in the world. While there's nothing extremely outstanding going on it's still really nice to listen to and there are some songs that I really like.

Key tracks: Is There a Ghost, No One's Gonna Love You, Cigarettes and Wedding Bands.

Beirut - Flying Club Cup
This one is the one I like the most of the two. Unlike his debut, Gulag Orkestar, this one sounds less Eastern European than French/Spanish. More accordions, trumpets, strings, but still a bit of the oompa and wailing melodies that gave his debut such a signature sound. There aren't really any stand out hits, but this album is just nicely solid from start to finish. It's been on serious repeat since I bought it a couple of weeks ago.

Key tracks: Nantes, The Penalty, Un Denier Verre.

15/365 the not so one night stand

You are sort of friends with sort of friends of mine. We met at The Bluebird. Two years later we had drunken sloppy sex that wasn't good for either of us. Surprised, I learned you're into orgies.

I'm a participant of x365.


the spoils of war

Being a new homeowner in a new neighborhood, I wasn't sure how many trick or treaters I was going to have last night, so being the overzealous person I am, I bought a good 4 lbs of candy. I figured that it was better to have too much than to run out halfway through the night.

I got somewhere around 15 kids on my doorstep from the time I turned on my light at 5.5p, until the time I finally gave up at about 10p.

So, I ended up with about 3 lbs of sugary goodness left over. Now, I have an insatiable sweet tooth, but even I can't go through that much candy. So, Nikki took it to vet school with her this morning. Hopefully, all of those stressed out vet students need a sugar fix.

14/365 the childhood friend

You. An only child. The only other kid on our block. I didn’t really like you all that much, but you played with us every day regardless. Flashlight tag. Touch football. Army. Your parents abused your dog.

I'm a participant of x365.