Another advantage to not having to go into the office at 8.5a is that you can go out on a school night without any fear of being tired and hungover while people are asking you to do productive things like think.

Last night I went down to The Bluebird to see Midlake play one of the last two shows of their 'Trials of Van Occupanther' tour. They put on a good, if somewhat mellow live act. Maria Taylor opened for them. I'd only ever heard one song of hers so most of her show was new to me. It was pretty good also, she has a great voice, but her content is a little unextraordinary—mostly about lost love and broken hearts and how much men suck. She has a nice voice and I believe she is what the kids call, pretty easy on the eyes, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

After she was done moping it up, Midlake came quietly onstage and opened with 'We Gathered in Spring.' I wasn't paying real close attention, I was too distracted by the drunken teenagers that were gyrating around in front of us. Seriously, they dirty-danced to Midlake. I would've never thought that was possible before last night. Midlake's music does not inspire any sexual thoughts in me, but apparently when you're young and drunk just about anything turns you on.

Midlake played pretty much everything from Trials and a couple from Banman & Slivercork and even a couple of brand-spankin' new tunes from the upcoming album, so it was a pretty good set. I just think their music is better enjoyed when it's bitter cold outside with about a foot of snow on the ground, rather than standing around with a bunch of slightly hipster, slightly sweaty teenagers.

Now they're off to my old homestead, Lawrence, Kan. Hope you have fun there Midlake. Pour a little out for me.


blythe said...

midlake, besnard lakes...

do you also like the great lake swimmer? emmerson lake and palmer? i see a pattern.

d said...

i like small bodies of water.