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Is your life feeling a little out of control lately? Are you kinda down in the dumps? Well, I've got the perfect movie for you then. Seriously kids, I know there are a lot of movies out there with this same plot line and a ton of movies out there about really f'ed up people (Requiem for a Dream comes to mind), and quite a few of those are about f'ed up people who live in The South,

Tangent: what is it with The South anyway? It breeds myriad f'ed up folks.

but this is one that you should consider watching. If you haven't already, 'cause lord knows I'm way behind the curve ball when it comes to being up on the latest in cinema. Anyway, on the surface, this is a movie about saving. Saving people, saving food, saving pennies, but most of all, saving love. What am I talking about? At the heart of it though, this is a movie that tells you, when the world has you all messed up and ass over tea kettle, there will always be someone to pick you up and set things right again. When the family you had no choice in, kicks you repeatedly until you just feel like you're gonna drown, the family you choose will be there to save you.

This was a far better effort from the director of Hustle and Flow (which I hated) and Samuel Jackson proved that he can actually act (and sing, surprisingly) as did Cristina Ricci and Justin Timberlake. If for no other reason, you should rent this movie just for the soundtrack. Holy crap it was good.

Oh and Rockies? If you're out there and listening to me? Please forgive my rant earlier in the week. I shouldn't have given up on you so quickly. You're doing much better now and you need to keep it up. You're only down four. C'mon. You can do it. I know you can. I can't stay up and watch the rest of the game because after yoga class last night and hiking today, I'm so tired that I can barely type this, but I'll expect to wake up in the morning and see that you've won. Okay? K.

HOLY CRAP. The Rockies just scored three runs off of one hit. This my friends. This is why they made it the World Series this year.

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