and another one

Apparently this weekend is drawing time in the D household 'cause Daytrotter gave me another assignment yesterday—to do an illustration for an upcoming addition to The Bookery. This time it's Matt from The Fiery Furnaces reading Satan's speech from Paradise Lost. It's been a really long time since I've read any Milton (high school was so long ago that it's frankly pretty scary), so I just went for the obvious route. I didn't really feel like reading it again to try and figure out what he was babbling about either. Yes. Laziness rules my life much of the time. They didn't call my generation slackers for nothing.

I was going to go climbing today, but my lungs are still full of phlegm and it's raining outside, so I think instead I will spend yet another weekend on the couch, wallowing.


Mim said...

I like this guy, brimstone and all

blythe said...

couch wallowing is my favorite sport.