5/365 the math teacher

We called you Sweaty Bob behind your back. You were the largest person any of us had ever seen. Your wife was even larger. It was hilarious to see you cram yourselves into that tiny VW Beetle.

I'm a participant of x365.


blythe said...

so you do one everyday? damn. i can't even remember to brush my hair everyday.

tina f. said...

This is so intriguing. I am enjoying it.

And just so you know, I have been sick since I got back from Winfield. So FUCKING TIRED OF IT.

It's making me very cranky. I am in the how-much-snot-can-my-head-possibly-hold phase. Awesome.

d said...

every. single. day. it may grow tiresome. or i may run out of people. do i know 365 people?

my cold is finally fading away. slowly. i can't wait for it to be gone.