the worst has come to pass

The R-dog has yet to destroy the squeaky Bush-head. She's had it for almost five days. I'm very, very afraid that this means she's a Republican. All her life I've said that she is a Jewish lesbian (she's got curly hair and she really only likes the ladies), but now I'm afeared that I have to add conservative a-hole to the list.

I'll hold out hope that she's a moderate one at least. Otherwise, there's gonna be a lot of fighting in the d household.

We'll see how she votes in the upcoming election.


stew said...

she's a cute dog but I don't know, I'd really have a hard time hanging out with her. does she have halliburton stock? that may be why she's acting a little right-friendly. on the other hand, she may really be a big huge karl-rove-lovin pile of puppy in which case you seriously need to spank her with rolled-up newspaper. that usually does it.

d said...

don't the republicans like being spanked? i'm not sure it would work.

i'm hoping it's just that she has halliburton stock and not the other one.