so that's what it looks like

My friend Melissa is in town from Montana on her way to wherever the wind will take her and even though all I have to offer her is an air mattress on the floor of my studio and some cold cereal, she still thought it'd be ok to stay with me. Not only that, but she decided to cook dinner this evening. Yay! Home cooked meal! And she's actually not even going anywhere near the microwave. I didn't know that could be done. I'm speechless.

Ostensibly, I'm helping her, but really I'm posting stuff on my blog. Don't tell her.

I'm making out like a bandit.

Here's what it looks like pre-the-cooking:

See how healthy we are? She even bought all of the ingredients at Whole Paycheck.

If the smells emanating from the kitchen area are any indication about what it will taste like, y'all should be really, really sad you're not at my house right now.


red-handed said...

Go Melissa! I hope you took her out for dessert.

d said...

no. no i did not. 'cause i'm that shitty of a host. i did let her watch the premiere of 'heroes' with me though. i'm sure that more than made up for it.