the national

Last night I went down to Denver to see The National play at The Ogden. For some reason, as much as I love this band, I'd never seen any pictures of them or seen them play live before. They so don't look anything like I expected them to, especially the lead singer. My very first thought was, 'These guys look like they met in Advanced Robotics 602 at MIT.'

St. Vincent opened for them and although it seemed like a pretty weird pairing, it's another band that I like pretty well, so I was pretty stoked for the show. Neither one of them disappointed. St. Vincent is just one woman who plays the electric guitar and uses recordings for her back-up band. She said she was from Dallas, but either she hasn't been there very long, or she's extremely anti-establishment, because she was the antithesis of everything you think you know about Dallas. She didn't even have mall-bangs.

The National put on a great show as well, tearing down the roof in spite of their pocket protectors and the two hobbits playing lead guitar. They played all of my favorite songs from Boxer and some of the good ones from Alligator as well. It's been a long, long time since I've seen a live show, and this one will go down as one of the best ones I've ever seen.


blythe said...


i mmissed the show! i effing drove my ass to dallas as fast possible friday night, and then missed it! they went on early or some shit! i'm so pissed and disappointed i can't stop using !!!!!!

in any event, i'm glad you enjoyed it. i guess. no, i am.

d said...

aww. that sucks for you. it was a really good show. hobbits and all.

ok. i plead ignorance: catch me up on the cool kids' blogspeak and tell me what you said at the beginning there.

blythe said...

that was merely exasperation. also, i will never know the cool kids' blogspeak.