music your ears want you to listen to

Do you miss your love affair with The Cure? Did you always kind of secretly wish that Robert Smith had sung with a Swedish accent?

Well, you're in luck! Check out Shout Out Louds', Our Ill Wills, and you'll get everything your little heart desires. As I've said before, pretty much all you have to say to me is that the band is from Sweden and I'm gonna start drooling like one of Pavlov's unlucky subjects. Sometimes my addiction yields some seriously amazing results, Loney, Dear. Other times, not quite so much, Peter, Bjorn & John, but it's almost always worth the effort of hitting that 'download all' button.

This one definitely falls in the former camp. I heart it very much.

The frontman plays the tambourine for Christ's sake. You can't beat that with a stick.

Tonight, I Have to Leave it


blythe said...

we'll see. we'll see.

d said...

if you don't like them, we can't be friends any longer. that's all there is to it.