look what santa brought me

It's so awesome. I don't even care that I have to sit five feet back from it or I can't really see it all. It's got a 24" screen. In case you think you didn't read that correctly, let me say it again. It's got a 24" screen. And 350 G of hard drive space. Think about how much music that will hold. And it's so fast it knows what I want to do before I do.

Did I say it was awesome? 'Cause it is. Awesome.


Jeannette said...

Hey, my "new" hand-me-down laptop has a 20G hard drive. That's right, 20!

My fucking iPod has more than that.

You dont need 350, can I borrow half?

d said...

nope. it's MINE. ALL MINE.

Kate said...

Awesome! That's soooo cool! New toys are like one of my favorite things in the world. And new MAC toys are the best new toys.

I love to brag about my mac here at work. I've got the 30-inch cinematic display, with a 250 GB base HD, a second backup HD that's another 250 GB, and then two removable 500 GB external drives. So, yes, if you're keeping track from home, I'm commenting on your blog on a G5 Power Mac (ok, so the processor is a little out of date) with 6GB ram and 1.5 TERRABYTES of disk space. Heh heh heh.

Yours is nice too. :)

blythe said...

my jealousy cannot be contained within this comments box.

d said...

kate: i didn't realize this was going to turn into a penis-size contest.

b: MWWWWAAAAAAA. you can come over and pet it if you want.

Kate said...

I can turn anything into a penis size contest.

d said...


stew said...

hey, you know what you should do?

you should gimme that.



d said...

um... no. unless you want to be my sugar mama? then, have at it.