i got bombed

In all of the many years that I have used my bike as my primary form of transportation, I have never, ever had what happened to me today, happen. I was riding happily along, returning home from the gym, closing in on the convenience store where I planned to make a pit stop and felt something hit my book bag. It kind of startled me so I looked back but didn't see anything so I figured it was maybe just a leaf or something since it is autumn and all. So, I pull into the c.s. and go to get my Nalgene bottle out of my bag and my hand runs across something wet. I look down in surprise and disgust and notice that there is a HUGE splat of bird crap all over the flap of my bag. And it stinks. I clean it off the best I can with c.s. napkins, but it's still pretty soiled and smeary and stinky.

I guess I should just feel grateful that none of it landed on my person. Which would've been the case had I been a second slower.

See? This is why I don't like winged things with beaks and claws and buttholes.

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