the dodos probably like 'em too

I know. I know. Daytrotter again. It's the only thing I have time to draw for lately. Hoping that will change soon. This probably isn't all that original of an idea for this band, but I still think it's funny.

Oh. And I should mention this: you know how grocery store brands (i.e. generic) always have the best names for their products? Well, Safeway has a brand of supposedly organic food, called 'O' and I just the other day discovered their brand of Cocoa Puffs. It's outrageously delicious and the name is pretty darn hilarious: Cocoa Orbits. Although the best one yet will always be the Kroger name for Triscuits: Baked Weavers. Hi-larious. (If you don't get it, get in the 420 mindset).

See? My life is boring.


Dylan said...

For someone who has jettisoned wage slavery along with a regular paycheck to survive by your own creativity, I'd say boredom is paramount to enviable success!

d said...

i'm not sure really what you just said there, but i think it was a compliment. so, thanks. or encouragement, and thanks for that as well.