100 things

As a way to get jonesed about blogging again, Long Story Longer suggested that I write a '100 Things' list. Now, if I remember my Blogging History 101, ostensibly this is supposed to be a '100 Things You Don't Know About Me' list. But there is no way on this green Earth that I will be able to think of 5 things that everyone doesn't know about me, let alone 100, so I've taken it upon myself to make an executive decision to modify it to a '100 Things You May or May Not Know About Me' list. Don't blame me if there aren't any surprises in it for you.

100. As a kid I desperately wanted to be an astronaut.
99. So I joined the Air Force when I was in college hoping to become a pilot and then be able to eventually become a spacewalker.
98. I'm afraid of birds. It's true. They freak me out.
97. I sometimes hate my dog.
96. In high school I worked as a janitor on the weekends, cleaning the office where my parents worked.
95. I also worked at K-mart in the electronics department.
94. My very first car was a 1970-something or other (I can't remember the year) Mustang. It's not as cool as it sounds. It was a big piece of crap.
93. I spent 7.5 years getting two undergraduate degrees.
92. I keep saying I'm going to go back and get my Masters, but so far I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it.
91. I used to pretend that my favorite color was red because I liked what it said about my personality, but really it's blue.

90. I love television.
89. But I hate reality shows.
88. I don't like to cook.
87. I eat a bowl of sugary-kiddie cereal every night before I go to bed.
86. I'm expecting fully to spend my entire life single. And, most of the time, that's the way I prefer it. Although sometimes it scares the living crap out of me.
85. I love chap stick. Or lip balm really since I buy the organic kind.
84. I don't like sushi.
83. In high school, I kind of liked all of the metal hair bands.
82. The very first album I ever bought myself was Air Supply.
81. I'm probably going to be bald eventually and it really drives me crazy.

80. Because I'm more vain than I want to be.
79. I care not one bit about getting older. Really.
78. I pick my nose. A lot.
77. I'm also not afraid to fart in public.
76. I love to talk about bodily functions. 'Cause we're really weird, us humans.
75. I believe in reincarnation.
74. I don't believe in one, all-powerful, omnipotent God.
73. I believe that there has to be life on other planets.
72. I hate cottage cheese.
71. I love tomatoes. Sometimes I eat them like apples.

70. I don't really have a favorite food.
69. But I love ice cream sandwiches.
68. And Doritos.
67. I came very, very close to being engaged when I was 29. And it would've been the worst thing that ever happened to me.
66. I read. A lot.
65. My favorite punctuation mark is the semicolon.
64. I have a younger brother whom I haven't spoken to in 15 years.
63. He's dying of cancer and I still can't bring myself to talk to him.
62. I really want dragons to be real.
61. And magic.

60. I have a black thumb.
59. I like beer.
58. Flip flops are the reason I look forward to summer.
57. Stocking caps are the reason I look forward to winter.
56. I can't do any math in which I can't utilize my fingers. And sometimes my toes.
55. I'm not as laid back as I pretend to be. Internally, I'm a worrier.
54. I'm afraid to tell people how I really feel about them.
53. I like the smell of gasoline.
52. I can't curl my tounge.
51. I'm extremely introverted.

50. I'm a liberal.
49. I wear contacts.
48. I like cheese.
47. I love to shower.
46. I have a lot of acquaintances, but not many friends.
45. My favorite album of all time (the one I can listen to over and over and never get sick of it) is Counting Crows' August and Everything After. And, no, I'm not embarrassed by that.
44. I often think about suicide.
43. I don't like wearing shoes.
42. The thing I miss the most about the Midwest are the thunderstorms. And the sunsets.
41. I'm extremely claustrophobic.

40. And, therefore, hate being in large crowds.
39. I really dislike most people.
38. I was born in Utah.
37. I've lived in six states in my entire life.
36. I've never been to California.
35. Or Mexico.
34. I've only been overseas once. To Ireland.
33. It was the best trip I've ever taken.
32. It was just me and my dad.
31. I like visiting large cities, but could never live in one. They stress me out.

30. I'm surprised I've made it this far in this list.
29. My favorite author is Tom Robbins. And JRR Tolkein. And Stephen King.
28. The two places I most want to see are New Zealand and Novia Scotia.
27. I've been to Las Vegas once and didn't really care for it.
26. But I loved playing craps.
25. I 'm not musically talented. At all.
24. It takes a very special occasion for me to put on a tie.
23. I've never wanted children.
22. I don't have any birthmarks.
21. I don't really care for the beach.

20. But the mountains fill me with a spirituality that I've never experienced anywhere else.
19. My favorite adult beverage is whiskey, neat.
18. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
17. But I don't understand Halloween.
16. I've never played a team sport.
15. I ride my bike more than I drive my car.
14. I couldn't name a favorite movie if you paid me.
13. My favorite movie director is Wes Anderson.
12. I don't own a landline.
11. I have two iPods.

10. My favorite invention of all time is automatic towel dispensers.
9. I don't take vacations because I hate to travel alone.
8. The only sport I really like to watch is college bball. Go Jayhawks!
7. I'm a music snob.
6. I only had three wisdom teeth.
5. I don't like hot beverages.
4. So, I'm addicted to Coke Zero.
3. I was born a month premature.
2. My least favorite word is moist.
1. I don't like to dance.


Jeannette said...

Woa, I want to do this, but I think I'd have to draw them all to justify it on my blog.

It's funny how some would be really simple "I like dorritos" followed by intense "I havent seen my brother in 15 years."

Welcome back.

d said...

i'm really surprised by how many of them were food related. i guess i was kinda hungry when i wrote it.

Dylan said...

The dorritos/brother kind of contrasts make a rhythm that makes this an intense read - it's musical!
And I learned some things.

d said...

well, i'm glad you got something out of it.

LSL said...

I love this list! I love listening to other people talk about themselves. You've got an interesting story there, Mister. And I love the tag - if everyone used that tag, I think it would be a huge category. Lots of things are my fault :)

Thanks for playing along.

d said...

thanks for the suggestion. it was actually kind of fun to do. and i keep thinking of things that i should've put on there instead.

Kate said...

I really enjoyed this post too. I read it last weekend, and for some reason, after all of the revelations and things I learned about you, Sean, the one that stuck in my head was #17 "I don't understand Halloween."

Thank you for being so open, and honest. This was a very special read.

I love Halloween, but I like it for the connection I feel with the "old holidays". It resonates in my DNA for some reason. Mark and I celebrate Samhain in our own little way each year. Usually a nice dinner, a big fire and a nice warm bed to enjoy together. Now, is there a better holiday than that?

d said...

i think, no. there's not.

steph said...

I definitley knew #50. I knew #85. But not much else.

When I think of you and my lightsource experience...I think of 50 and 85.

You're a fascinating character, Sean.

p.s. I'm not 12 anymore! ha.

d said...

oh yes. happy 13th birthday!

stew said...

wow, this is fairly moving and makes me love you a lot.

d said...

more than you already did? i don't think that's possible. but, thanks.

you should do one.

blythe said...

wow. somehow i missed this. i often get stopped at your music sidebar and then i'm lost in itunes land for hours.

but yes. this was pretty spectacular. especially because my favorite author is tom robbins and my favorite worst word is moist. it's nice to know there's someone out there that gets that.

d said...

b- you're my long lost evil twin!

blythe said...

i know! i'm also 78, 74, 59, 53, 22 and 13! separated at birth.

d said...

i think just the fact that you're 78 and 59 means that we're definitely bff.