she doesn't really know what to do with him

I got another birfday package in the mail today. One of the gifts was a present for the R-dog. A squeaky toy in the form of a bust of the jackass who currently holds the highest office in our nation.

She carried it around the house for a bit. Then squeaked it some. Then took it outside to torment the neighbor's puppies. Now it's laying in the hallway, appropriately enough, face down.

Usually she destroys the squeaky toys within moments of acquisition, but this one, this one may hang around a bit. I think she senses that it's special.

Also, said package did include a present for me—a 2007 Atlas of the good ol' U S of A. My old one from 2003 has, really, seen it's last days. Plus, I have to imagine that some of the information is erroneous and will one day lead me astray. But now, I don't have to worry about that. For I have a brand-spankin' new, fully-updated, and highly accurate (one would hope) edition.

And on a final note, PBS is airing a live Death Cab for Cutie show that probably played an age ago, as it's mostly songs from Transatlanticism. Which is awesome. 'Cause that's by far their best album.


Kate C said...

Hmm, maybe we should get a new atlas. Ours is from 2001, and Mark's been using states that we're unlikely to visit as fire-starting fodder when we're camping.

"How do you feel about Delaware?"
"Burn it!"

d said...

mine's missing about 6 states for that very reason. most of them on the southeast coast. 'cause it'll take apocalyptic giants to get me to go back there.