the palace

Dylan and I decided to head up the Poudre Canyon today to see if the river was low enough for us to make our first sojourn of the year over to The Palace. Luckily, it was. So we forded the river without any mishaps and then went up the trail a little to what Dylan calls his 'favorite warm-up'. I have no idea what the name of it is, largely because there aren't any definitive guidebooks of the area, but Dylan says it's a 5.9. He led it and then I followed him up. It was really nice. Slow and thoughtful with handholds exactly where you needed 'em. Then we moved a couple of routes over to a 5.10b that Dylan had been eyeing last year. He got about halfway up and it started to rain. So, we sat where we were for a bit until he decided he should come back down to wait for the rock to dry. After a bit, he took a towel with him to dry off the holds and went back up and finished. I think mostly so he could get the gear he left. Then I decided to see if I could do it on TR. Turns out, no. I couldn't. But the rain started again in earnest with some thunder and lightning to back it up, so after I fell off the start the fourth or fifth time, we gave up and headed back home.

For the past couple of years, every time we drive through Laporte and see the Swing Station, we say, 'We should stop there and try out this chili dawg thing they got goin' on.' The Swing Station, you see, has a sign out front advertising said dawg on their menu. Let me just try to paint this picture for you, the Swing Station does not look like someplace you want to really go in and partake of their cuisine. It's a dive. A dump. And kind of, no, really, seedy. It's a bar. A bar that caters to the honkey tonk crowd. Which I'm totally down with. A place that is probably a really great place to see a local honkey tonk band, but maybe someplace you don't really want to put their serving utensils in your mouth.

So, today as we get close to Laporte, Dylan says, 'You know what I think would be perfect today?' Then a pause. And then the most glorious thing he could've said ever, 'I think it's time to stop at the Swing Station.' 'For a chili dawg?!' I asked, glee in my voice. 'Yep,' was his reply.

So we did, and it was, how can I say this, AWESOME! It was everything I expected and more. And, so far, the aftermath isn't even really that awful. I'll let you know if I wake up tomorrow with stomach cramps and vomiting. But so far, so good.

As we were exiting the Swing Station, Dylan said, 'You know, this place smells like they compounded the smell of every single bar I've ever been in my life and put it all in this one place.' It's true. It really is.


DougieB said...

I thought that Dylan had disappeared into the wilderness for two weeks....??

d said...

maybe that's just what he wanted you to think...

Jeannette said...

I understand the ropes, the clips, the apple and banana, the nuetral colored clothing... but why do you need a brush to go climbing? Because of this photo?

Dylan does have some purty blonde hair.

d said...

when you have purty hair like dylan's, you gotta take care of it.

no. really. we have no idea why that brush was there. it wasn't ours. we think it was to brush the chalk off of the holds.