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One of my friends got me the new Rilo Kiley album, Under the Blacklight for my birfday. I'd read some terrible reviews, so I was a little nervous about listening to it and I plugged it in this morning with trepidation in my heart. Please, please be good, I thought to myself has I tentatively pressed 'play'.

Rilo Kiley is one of my favorite bands of all time, so I was excited when I learned that they were releasing a new album this month (almost as excited as the new Iron & Wine coming out in Sept). When I read the first bad review, I shrugged it off, thinking that the critic had no idea what they were talking about. Then I read another. And another and I started to grow worried.

After listening to it non-stop pretty much the entire day, I feel pretty sure in my opinion.

It pretty much fuckin' rocks. Now, I understand why some people might not like it, because it surely isn't signature RK. They've made a definite departure in their normal sound. But, really, not all that much if you think about it. On Rabbit Fur Coat, Jenny and the Watson Twins started a sort of 60s R&B tribute mixed with Jenny's alt country leanings. Well, Jenny has carried it over into the latest offering from RK. The lyrics are still fantastically awesome only now, they've gone way more electronic-y, dance-y, pop-y. And, I have to say that I, for one, think they were pretty successful. But I always like it when a band decides to experiment a little. I loved REM's Monster even though the rest of the world thought it was the worse thing that had ever been recorded. That's probably because I'm a fairly firm believer in the 'you won't ever be successful without taking a few calculated risks' philosophy of life. Sometimes the risk is an utter failure, and sometimes it's a resounding success. In my opinion, Under the Blacklight falls most definitely in the latter camp.

Key tracks: Silver Lining, Breakin Up, 15, Give a Little Love


blythe said...

this is on my list.

say, you wouldn't want to do a music post over at the ol' bee-spot, would you? i've been so bad at listening to new stuff lately. you're all up in the good shit.

vampire weekend!

stew said...

most CD reviews I read confound me. I get to the end and go "ok, but what does it SOUND like? and does it SUCK or not??"

thanx for this kewl review!!!