music your ears want you to listen to

This week: The Stars' new album, In Our Bedroom After the War.

Imagine if Michael Jackson, Morrisey and Belly all got together and had a weird, Siamese triplet, three-headed baby and you'd just start to scratch the surface on what a freaky, unusual trip this album takes you on. It's been on repeat since I downloaded it last week and I just can't decide what to think about it. Part of me thinks I should feel guilty about liking it, the other part just enjoys rocking out to it. Not all of the songs are solid, but the ones that are...well, I'll just say that one of the songs I listened to on repeat for the entire hour and half long commute from Denver to Fort Collins yesterday.

Some of the songs sound like cheesy mainstream pop, all Maroon 5 style and other songs sound like the best indie rock you've ever heard in your life. Thus, the conundrum. I've chosen, wisely, to ignore the guilty pleasure aspect of it all and just focus on the songs that really kick ass.

If you like a mix of awesome drum beats, electronic melodies, expert harmonies and fantastic lyrics, then this is the album that will make your entire year.

Key tracks: Bitches in Tokyo, The Night Starts Here, Today Will be Better, I Swear


tina f. said...

I have not gotten as into this album as I did Set Yourself On Fire - but I like it. Do you have Heart and Night Songs? They are both excellent as well.

That Teagan and Sara illustration is lovely, by the way.

I would say a thing about how today is your birthday but I know how much you dislike the attention.


d said...

Set Yourself on Fire was much better, but this one is pretty good. i think. I have Night Songs, but I was never really able to get into it.

thanks for the birfday wishes.