music your ears want you to listen to

I'm a little late in talking about this album, but like they always say better late than pregnant.

I've been listening to Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga for about a month now and I still can't get enough. Melodically, it's a lot more lush, and instrumentally it's a lot more varied than any other Spoon album I've ever listened to. I've never really listened to Spoon for the lyrics, I mean, songs that are about someone's dad's shirt just don't really stimulate the ol' noggin. Despite the lowest common denominator of the words, Spoon is usually still a really great music-listening experience and Ga Ga most definitely does not disappoint.

I didn't really care all that much for Gimme Fiction, but with Ga Ga Spoon is back in true, rare, awesome form. Even though it really does have an amazingly stupid title.

Key tracks: The Underdog, You Got Yr Cherry Bomb and Finer Feelings


stewpid said...

oh, gag me with a spoon*

*it's really too hot here for me to be funny. pretend this was funny? thx

d said...

no need to pretend. it caused a giggle.

blythe said...

OMG! didn't i tell you about this weeks ago? how come no one listens to me...?

ok, gimme fiction was kind of blah, but even paper tiger? that's my favorite.

d said...

because we're too wrapped up in our own crap to listen to anyone else.
you included.

blythe said...

fine. point taken. except not. when people suggested the national, i dutifully downloaded. i have white rabbit, kid on my shoulders and it's awesome. i downloaded crooked lines even! vampire weekend. right now i am so high on vampire weekend i can hardly see straight. check it out.

d said...

ok b. here's the deal: i've been listening to ga ga for about four weeks (i downloaded when it first came out), but i just now got around to talking about it. that's all. i was just teasing about not listening to you, so calm down already.

i like the white rabbit also and am waiting for vampire weekend to get on e-music. if they don't, i will go to itunes *sigh*. god, how i hate itunes.

blythe said...

fine. truce.