So, I woke up today, went for a run and then came back and took the dogs for a walk. While doing said walking, I realized that I had no idea what day it was. And then I panicked a little thinking that maybe I'd put the trash out on the wrong night. But other people had their trash out, right? Maybe there was a change in the schedule of which I was unaware? Oh shit. What day is it? I really have no idea. And I'm supposed to meet the prospective client for lunch on Thursday. Is it Thursday? Is it Wednesday? Jesus. I. Don't. Know. Crap.

When we arrived back at the domicile, I opened up my computer so I could find out the answer.

I think this is what comes from not having any structure.


LSL said...

But isn't there something kind of nice about it? That used to happen to me all the time when I was job hunting after returning to the States. And I would always panic about garbage day. Enjoy it if you can :)

d said...

oh. there's a lot that's nice about it. just feeling a little adrift. and like i'm lost in some really long, giant, neverending weekend. which is good, but slightly disconcerting.