i guess you can call it climbing

Yesterday I joined the gang up at Vedauwoo for some climbing at Lower Blair. Most of the day was filled with this:

But some of it was filled with this:
And this:

My day was kind of lazy also. I only completed 2.5 climbs, but it was nice to be outside, hanging out with friends.


Jeannette said...

well you had a sexier day than I did.

blythe said...

posts like this make me want to spend my weekends not hungover to death.

d said...

j - yeah. sexy. that's the word.

b - ever since i started climbing i spend way less time drinking. it's no fun to hurl yourself at some big rocks when you feel like you're gonna hurl at any moment.

i don't know if that makes me pathetic or not...

Kate said...

Nah, there's nothing pathetic about that at all.

This morning I was checking out an old college bud's Flickr stream. He just bought the biggest most Gawd-awful-expensive espresso machine I have seen outside of Starbucks.

I was talking to Mark about it, and we both agreed that if we had stayed in the midwest, we'd probably have hobbies that included things like "going out to movies and bars", "buying expensive toys", and "working on the house."

But I like the hobbies I have now. I feel much better about a weekend like the one I just had than any of the ones I ever had in Indiana.

If you really want to drink more, though, you should camp with us too. Ann broke out the sake at camp and it was gooood.

d said...

when i lived in the midwest, my hobby was 'going to the bar after work and drinking as much as possible'. so, yeah, i too feel much better about my hobbies now.

i promise i will camp next time. i even found my tent poles!

mrs. cyberhobo said...

SHHHHH! YOU ARE LETTING OUR SECRET OUT! Everyone thinks that we rock climbers are all hard core n s*&t!

blythe said...

no, you're not pathetic. i'd jump back on that bandwagon if there were, you know, rocks around. so in the meantime, beer me!