a day of sport climbing

Despite the dire predictions of torrential rain to come, Colin, Laura and I decided to head up to the Ironclads to do a little sport climbing. Trying very desperately to ignore the rednecks who were roaring around on their dirtbikes and shooting off some kind of guns—practice for the Redneck Diatholon we believe—we started off on Shaking Hands with the Pope, 5.7 on Mount Boner. Which, almost a year ago, was my very first lead ever. I led it again today after Colin and Laura had a go at it and, apparently my skills have improved somewhat, as it was a lot easier this time. All feet and pretty balance-y, it remains a pretty fun ride.

Then we moved down to Poacher's Rock where Colin led Poached Earth, 5.10b. Laura and I decided we would rather just TR this one which was a good thing seeing as how I fell on it. Just once though. We moved down the line to Five Finger Discount, 5.9 which all three of us led. A zig-zaggy route with nice feet and hand holds, but still pretty thoughtful.

For our last climb of the day, we got on Ripoff Ranger, 5.9- which, according to the guidebook promised to be a jugfest. I had a lot of problems with this one, mainly because I just couldn't figure out the crux. I finally decided to move over to the left and climb the arete and it went a lot more smoothly. It was pretty juggy though.

It was nice to take a break from all of the trad, multipitches, the weather was nice and cool, and it didn't even bother to rain on us.


Jeannette said...

I climbed Mount Boner once. I was drunk.

Are all rock climbers blonde?

d said...

some days it seems that way.