camping and climbing, or just camping.

I spent most of the weekend at Vedauwoo with Ann and Dylan, or Dyl-ann as Doug likes to call them. Ostensibly we went up to climb, but it ended up being more of a camping weekend as we only got one climb in on Saturday. See, it went like this: we drove up on Friday to spend the night, so we could get up early on Saturday and hit the rocks. Well, we did get up early, but we didn't get moving until kind of late.

In spite of a surprise birthday cake and a couple of beers, we got up about 7a on Saturday, but were all feeling a little lazy, so we didn't actually get our packs on until about 9.5a. Then we wandered around, looking at the rocks, trying to decide what we wanted to climb. Eventually, we landed on Baobob Tree, 5.8+ on Little John's Tower. Even though there were three of us, we decided that because it was only two pitches we could handle it. Usually, multipitches are out when you have an odd number of folks, 'cause it's a logistic and time-management nightmare. The first pitch of Baobob was AWESOME. Nice flakes, nice traverse halfway up and a really wide ledge to belay from for the second pitch. The second pitch, for me anyway, was HARD. A sustained, vertical, steep crack that didn't have much on the face to use so all hand-jam all the time. Which I'm not good at. In fact, I suck at it. Therefore, I struggled. A lot. And tweaked something in my forearm. But eventually, I made it up it. To the relief of everyone involved.

Once we'd finished lunch, it decided it was going to rain again, so we headed back to camp and took naps. Then dinner and more beer.

Then, this morning, because Ann ripped off half her toenail on a walk the night before, and I was feeling some pressure to come back and get some work done, we decided not to try and climb today and instead headed out after we'd woken up a bit. So, even though we didn't get much climbing accomplished, we did have a really pleasant weekend and I got a nice early birthday celebration.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so for visual evidence, you'll have to head over to cyberhobo. Oh, and the R-dog went with us this weekend and actually did alright. On past trips, she'd decided that she didn't like the idea of me going up a rockface attached to a rope, so she'd launch herself at the wall. Whining and barking the whole time. Well, this time, she just dug herself a little hole underneath a shady rock and seemed perfectly content. Even when I disappeared from view. I don't know what switch flipped in her brain, but whatever it is, I like it. It may mean she gets to go more often.


LSL said...

Yay for surprise birthday cake and beer. Happy happy to you!

mrs. cyberhobo said...

D only took 2 pics but I took a bunch so if you go to Flickr I'll let you borrow some! I 'specially like the one of you puckering up, about to spit on your cake...