the wind tower

It was so frickin' hot today.

In spite of that, Colin and I headed back to Eldorado Canyon to try our hand at two routes on the Wind Tower. When we got there, two Austrian guys were getting on the first route we wanted to try, Wind Ridge, 5.8 so we decided to start on the second route we were looking at, Calypso, 5.6. Colin led the first pitch and made it a little more difficult by doing the Calypso Direct 5.8 start which put him too far over to the left to get to the anchors which would've set us up perfectly for the second pitch. So, I hemmed and hawed, but finally decided to lead the second pitch which made me traverse waaaaaaaay over to get back on the route. Can I just tell you how terrifying it was? It was terrifying. I used so much gear by the time I was almost at the belay ledge that I didn't place any gear for about the last 20' or so because I was down to one quickdraw. Luckily, the climbing was super easy and there was a fixed pin at the top, right under the ledge. A couple of my placements weren't so good and popped out due to rope drag, but the anchor I set up was 'bomber' (according to Colin).

Then we got on Wind Ridge where once again, Colin decided to do the hard start, upping the grade to a 5.9, which I was thankful for because god, it was beautiful climbing. Really nice juggy handholds and fairly good feet too. But we still needed to do the second pitch. I was supposed to lead, but I chickened out. I was really exhausted. Probably a combination of being out in the sun all day, not drinking enough water, and the insane amount of adrenaline that had coursed through my body on the other pitch I led. So, Colin, being the gracious guy he is, gamely led up the second pitch without any complaint, and I trudged up along behind him. Still really good climbing, but man, it was good to finish.

Hopefully, one of these days soon I won't be such a wuss about leading. I think it will just take some more practice and probably a little time until I feel more comfortable.

Now I'm tired, kinda dehydrated and drained. Very drained. So, I'm gonna turn on the a/c and lie on my couch and watch a crapload of tv.

Oh, the other exciting thing that happened today was that I bought my first four cams. For only $100 (brand-new they would probably cost about $200) from this guy who was camped out at the mouth of the canyon selling a bunch of gear. I would've bought more, but I was stone-broke yo. A little at a time. Here's a picture of my new toys:

Aren't they pretty?


Jeannette said...

What the hell are cams? (dont answer this question, i dont care... unless, are you building a robot?)

d said...

shhh. it's top secret.

blythe said...

you got quite a deal there.

i climbed when i lived in new england (rumney, nh was pretty close), but haven't in about a year. these posts make me want to get out there again. also, i need to make money back on my gear that's now gathering dust. there's just not a lot here in OK. and i don't think you're wussy. leading is effing scary. know what else is scary? how expensive climbing equipment is. damn.

d said...

i feel infinitely sad that there's rock climbing gear somewhere gathering dust.