what the hell happened

It's Wed already? Jesus. I really have nothing to talk about, but thought I should post something since it'd been a while. Look at this crazy bike I saw the other day. I'd hate to fall off that thing in the middle of a busy intersection. Do you think the owner has magical levitation powers to get on and off?

Of course, if s/he had levitation capabilities, probably wouldn't need the bike. Unless s/he doesn't want to be discovered as having levitation powers and thus rides a bike around as part of his/her disguise. But then why not just get a normal bike so that you would draw less attention?

It's so confusing.


Jeannette said...

I cant believe you didnt wait around to snap a picture of the owner. What did you have to do that was so important?

d said...

oh you know, live.

Colleen said...

this is like those ridick low-riding bikes that have the super high handlebars, so the rider's arms are almost straight up in the air while riding. i kind of think you deserve to be hit if you ride that.

d said...

totally. and then run over again just for good measure.