there are no words

I really don't know how to write about what is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I discovered interlibraryloan. I knew they did it for books, but I just found out that they also do it for music. And the Denver Library has what is probably one of the most kickass music libraries I've ever run across.

I'll wait for a second while that sinks in.

If you're still confused as to why this is such a miracle, let me remind you that things you check out from the library are... free.

Now do you get it?

But I've made a pledge to only use the library if I can't find it on eMusic. I swear.

Even with that though, my list is already 50 albums long.

I think I probably just wet myself.


blythe said...

nice one. so what are you listening to? i need ideas.

d said...

well, i just got the last wolfmother. i know. i'm way behind the times.

other than that, try christians & lions' debut, 'more songs for the dreamsleepers and very awake'

also, the shaky hands' self titled

do you have loney, dear's 'loney, noir'?

or cloud cults' 'aurora borealis'

ola podrida's debut (self-titled)

midlake's 'trials for van occupanther'

Jeannette said...

oh god! so obscure! ahhh!

i used to hang out at the montreal provincial national library uploading songs to itunes until a sassy librarian pulled the plug.

d said...

damn those sassy librarians. i still kinda can't even believe the record companies allow it to happen.

blythe said...

i've got the cloud cult and midlake. i've yet to really listen to wolfmother - talk about behind the times. i'll check the others out. thanks!

DougieB said...

Links, man, I need links! Where can i find this wonderful system?

Also, i've only listened to the Midlake album (quite good.) I didn't care too much for the Wolfmother, though.

my new personal recommendation (though not nearly as obscure) is the new Wilco, Sky Blue Sky. It's been growing on me wonderfully.

d said...

sbs is probably their best album yet. definitely better than a ghost is born.