something of an epic

So even though nothing bad really happened, for the first time that I can remember, I had a really shitty day on the crag yesterday. It started off with me putting my harness on, loading it up with all of the gear I would need, hooking Colin up to belay, only to realize that my harness was twisted. It took nearly fifteen minutes and having to take off all of the gear just to get it back to rights.

Then Colin led the first pitch, about 20' up in the air before he could put in any pro. See that flake off to his left? That was the first place he had that he could put any gear in. You couldn't pay me to do that. I was extremely nervous and I wasn't even on the wall. The guys following us up Pear's Buttress 5.8+, said that they had seen a guy take a fall on that traverse and break every bone in his feet.

So then I got to lead the second pitch. Which, of course, was another long, scary traverse with not very many places to put in pro. Frankly, it pissed me off. Mostly because I just really want to get to the point where I'm not so scared to lead. 'Cause this wasn't even that difficult and I still wanted to turn back and make Colin do it instead. But at least I did force myself to finish. I guess.

The third pitch was a long, probably 50m, crack. Which I just wasn't in the mood for. It wasn't extremely hard climbing, I just wasn't in the mood for all of the necessary feet and hand jamming. Plus, by this point, I just really wanted to be done and having to crack climb was not my idea of fun.

The fourth pitch was pretty much ok. But I was still pissed off about the crack that I couldn't find it in me to enjoy it all that much.

Finally, the fifth pitch. Which was really short and had a really fun roof at the end. Usually, I don't enjoy roofs all that much, but this one had really awesome handholds and one really great foot. So at least the climb ended on a positive note.

Just as we got back to the base, it started to sprinkle, so we packed up in a hurry and raced to get back to the car. Unfortunately, we didn't quite make it and ended up getting drenched. And hailed on. I was glad we got done when we did though, 'cause I most definitely would not have wanted to be on the wall during that.

One good thing did happen in that, this time we brought along a little backpack for our shoes and water. MUCH better than using the rope bag. I hardly even noticed it was there. And, looking back with the perspective of 12 hours difference, I got to spend the day outside and look at this:


blythe said...

ok, that's it. i'm breaking out my dusty climbing stuff that's been buried in my closet and possibly moving to a mountainous state. damn.

d said...

it's pretty nice in 'rado...

c'mon everyone's doing it.

blythe said...

i know, i know. i want too. i will!

d said...

yay! man. you're easy.

blythe said...

first i must win the lottery. and yes, i'm easy.