people stayed in my house

So, every year my friends and I get together on one of the days between Christmas and New Year's to celebrate a magical made-up holiday that we have dubbed Feastival. Since we all left Lawrence about three years ago, we've been celebrating this wondrous event at Elissa's house in Newton, Ks. Mainly because we're all close to there visiting our families for the holidays, but also because Elissa's house is a really nice place to hang out.

About a month ago, Tina, Laura and Matthew decided to coordinate some trips to come and visit yours truly in good ol' FC. And with that, Seastival was born. They arrived Thursday night and the festivities commenced. Friday, we just tooled around town, but then Saturday we headed up into the mountains to get to the real reason everyone came to the Rockies—camping and hiking. I had decided that I would introduce them to the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area —it's close by and it's got some incredible hiking being that it's just south of Rocky Mountain National Park. And the best part is, you don't have to pay to visit. After consulting a couple of forest rangers via telephone and looking at a couple of guide books, I chose Camp Dick as our destination point.

I tried to make a reservation at one of the camping spots, but all of them were full by the time I got around to it. Even though it seemed doubtful that we would get a spot, both of the forest rangers assured me that there were plenty of non-reservable spots that were available on a first-come-first-serve basis and if we got there early enough, we'd be able to camp. So, we got there around 4p and the place was a madhouse. Every spot had at least three cars parked in front of them, and two or three tents or a monster RV. After touring through the entire camp, we had the bright idea to stop and ask the campground host if he/she knew of any available spots in any of the other campgrounds. After some hemming and hawing, she told us that we could just camp off any of the fire roads and we probably wouldn't be bothered. Then she recommended a spot a little further up the road that was 'by a bridge.'

After driving a bit, we found the bridge and headed up the trail. After about 50ft we came upon the most glorious camping spot ever invented by man. Big enough for four tents, a huge firepit and close to a little creek we couldn't have asked for a better place to spend the evening. Somehow, I grabbed the wrong tent poles and ended up having to rig up my tent with the rope I'd brought for the bear bag. But that was the only mishap and quite a few beers and a lot of laughter erased any discomfort I might've had about sleeping in my droopy tent.

The next day we got up, packed up camp and headed up Lower Buchanan Trail. A fairly easy eight-mile round trip that gave us gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful wildflowers and picturesque peaks. We arrived back home satisfied and happy and spent the evening drinking beer on the back porch. After a late brunch at Lucille's Laura and Matthew headed back north to Montana and Tina and I headed down to Denver to spend the afternoon at The Tattered Cover and Twist and Shout. The Tattered Cover recently moved from Cherry Creek to Colfax Ave and I have to say that a place that was once my favorite bookstore in the world, has turned into something that's no better than a garage sale at Bill Gate's house. But as that was the only disappointment in the entire weekend, I am happy to say that the first Seastival was a resounding success.


tina f. said...

Seastival ROCKED. Thank you so much for everything. By the way - I am safe and at home. Made it to the apartment just before 2 am and am oddly awake and checking blogs.

Seeing your pics tonight was just what I needed before bed. So fun.

Sleepy time calls. I hope you are getting a well deserved full night's rest in your own bed at last.

blythe said...

man, i really have to move to somewhere with varied terrain. the plains just aren't doing it for me. color me jealous.

d said...

t- i'm glad you made it home. sorry it was so late (early).

sleeping in my own bed was the awesomest of awesomes.

b- varied terrain is the best possible kind of terrain. it's nice to have something to look at besides wheatfields and sky.

blythe said...

don't remind me.