a long, beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day for climbing. Especially in Eldorado Canyon. For the first time in I can't remember when, we climbed on a day when it didn't get above 90º. It was glorious. Colin made me get up at 6a so that we could leave about 7a in order to get to the canyon early enough to get done with the climb before the afternoon rains rolled in. I'm already getting used to the life of a slack—it was hard to get up that early. Then, after some confusion about which trail to take (I'm never ever going to lead the approach again) to get to the base of the climb, we finally arrived at what we thought was Rewritten 5.7 at about 9.5am.

It turns out that we did the first two pitches of Green Spur, 5.9 instead, but since those two pitches ended up in the same place as the first two pitches of Rewritten, we ended up not being too far off. Thankfully, Colin led first, as I had some trouble getting up them even on toprope. It was hard climbing, I fell a lot and lost my kung fu grip. But, amazingly, I still really enjoyed it.

Then I led the third pitch which had a somewhat scary chimney that took me a bit to figure out. I was trying to climb it facing left and struggling quite a bit, but then I decided to turn around 180º and it ended up being pretty easy.

I kinda don't remember the rest of the climb, just a pretty exposed traverse which led to a pretty exposed arete and then some slab climbing to the end. I tried to lead another pitch in there, but was too tired and shaky and had to back off.

We were on that climb for almost seven hours. A lot of that had to do with the really long times spent at each belay station while waiting for other people to climb up the damn thing already. This guy cut in front of us and then climbed really slowly. By the time we finished, Colin was a little pissy about it.

Now, I'm at home, eating chips and drinking beer.

And the best part? I don't have to work tomorrow! Kind of.


Jeannette said...

will you send me a rock in the mail?

Mr. Shain said...

again proving how much better you are than the rest of us who spent our sunday drunk at the movies. thanks!

Big Daddy said...

Yah, Summmer and The Heat?

I am pretty much over you.

blythe said...

shain - we are sooo going climbing when you're back! i'll take pics. it'll be hilarious! for me.

d said...

j - wha'? seriously?

mr s - that's just the way i roll.

bd - i am so over the heat. but i'm not ready for the winter yet.

b - it'd be hilarious for all of us. share if it happens.

Jeannette said...