it's even awesomer than i'd imagined

Ok. So you know how I won't shut the hell up about this? Yesterday, I received my first three albums from the library:

In case you can't discern what they are from these tiny thumbnails, they are Eric Bachmann, To the Races; Albert Hammond, Jr, Yours to Keep and Page France ...and the Family Telephone. All unobtainable through eMusic.

See? I told you the Denver Public Library had an awesome music selection.


blythe said...

yes! page france! i'm going to go see them with bishop allen in denton, tx! so excited.

Jeannette said...

Your blog is my single music resource.

'Cause usually Im content to listen to my Bob Dylan albums on shuffle (the way they were meant to be heard?).

d said...

bob dylan is best listened to on shuffle. while you're stoned. then it doesn't matter that you can't understand a single word he's saying.

Jeannette said...

yes you can

shut up