how [not] to be a layabout

8a - wake up, lie in bed for a while thinking about what you're gonna do today

8.5a - get out of bed, take the dog for a walk

9.5a - eat breakfast

9.75a - turn on tv

10a - check e-mail

10.05a - check plethora of blogs that you read on a daily basis

12p - eat lunch

12.25p - start building illustration website

4p - shower

4.5p - head to the gym to boulder

6.5p - eat dinner

7p - finish up website

9p - drink a couple of beers

11p - go to bed


Jeannette said...

Way too fucking productive. Your still in work mode. I'll have to give you some lessons. First, never ever get out of bed before ten. It's just ungodly. If you're awake, just lay there and debate whether or not to shower that day, and let that overwhelming decision consume your thoughts for a while.

The dog needs some sort of new device that will allow him to walk himself.

Then email, day-time tv, blogs, and three cups of coffee.

Dont eat until at least 4.

Skip gym, go to Starbucks next door instead. Draw your hand drawing your hand or something useless.

Begin drinking, consider smoking.

More blog, more drink.

Pass out.

A day in the life of Jeannette... wait, what was this comment supposed to be about?

blythe said...


d said...

j - thanks for the lessons. i'll try to do better next week.

b - you may reconsider your jealousy in a couple of months when i finally realize i'm destitute, have to sell my house and move back in with my folks.

Mr. Shain said...

i have to agree, this is way too productive to be a full layabout. and what's up with the getting out of bed before noon? freak.

d said...

alright. alright. jesus. i suck at being a slacker.

blythe said...

d - ... (no comments shain )

stewpid said...

omg this is my life, except the shower part.

and the work part.

and the parts where it DOESN'T say "drink beer" or wine.

and there should be something there about "hope your former high school classmates don't know what you're doing now-slash-hope your high school classmates have failed even worse than you."

also, a section of the day devoted to googling stuff about Britney

also --

ok, this is nothing like my day.