another day of doing business

I had my first 'business lunch' today. Well, the first lunch where I discussed business with someone other than myself. It didn't really net any business. But at least I get to write it off on my taxes.

So, to reward myself for all of my hard work, I went to the gym and bouldered for a bit. And got my hair cut. And drank a beer at Coop's while reading Harry Potter. I don't know if you're allowed to drink adult beverages while reading a book written for children, but I did it anyway.


blythe said...

oh yes. HP and beer go hand in hand. hello? butter beer? what do you think so far?

blythe said...

oh, and white rabbits, good choice. not that you need my approval.

d said...

um. hp is AWESOME. i'm slightly sick of the 'harry and friends get into predicament, saved outlandishly' thing, but it's still really good.

and, i am in constant need of your approval. 'cause you're so cool and all.

tina f. said...

Harry Potter is so good! You have to call me the second you are done. OMG.

Kate said...

Huh, 'a book written for children'? I think somewhere around the part where they introduced soul-sucking fiends and murdering sadists started torturing Harry and killing off his friends and family every few chapters, somewhere around there it stopped being books for kids.

But, seems like its just me, sometimes. And I loved the most recent book. I think it's my favorite.

d said...

t - i just finished. i'll call you tomorrow.

k - oh. i think they're definitely for kids. there've been lots of scary books written with the younger set in mind. alice in wonderland. chronicles of narnia. pretty much all of grimm's and anderson's work was/is pretty terrifying. but that doesn't make it less enjoyable. more so probably.