this, however, is awesome

So even though it's being produced by Ethan Hawke (seriously? is he still alive?) the soundtrack to the movie, The Hottest State, looks like it is going to be AWESOME. Check out the track listing:

Rocha "Ya No Te Veria Mas (Never See You)"
Willie Nelson "Always Seem to Get Things Wrong"
Feist "Somewhere Down the Road"
Bright Eyes "Big Old House"
Emmylou Harris "The Speed of Sound"
Jesse Harris "It Will Stay With Us"
The Black Keys "If You Ever Slip"
M. Ward "Crooked Lines"
Norah Jones "World of Trouble"
Brad Mehldau "Never See You"
Cat Power "It's Alright to Fail"
Jesse Harris "One Day the Dam Will Break"
Tony Scherr "You, the Queen"
"Morning in a Strange City (Cafe)"
Rocha "No More"
Jesse Harris "Dear Dorothy"
Rocha "Never See You”
"There Are No Second Chances"

I've been endlessly listening to the M. Ward and Bright Eyes tracks on the myspace. Both of which kick so much butt it's nearly breathtaking and definitely indescribable. If the soundtrack is any indication of the quality of the movie then I don't think I can wait another month for it to come out.


Colleen said...

holy singer songwriter soundtrack!
i love the m. ward. i can't stand the b. eyes. too whiney & he seems like a jerk.

d said...

conor does seem like a jerk, but oh his lyrics... most times they give me goose bumps, sometimes they make me weep like a little girl.

blythe said...

holy crap. that's quite a line up. m. ward. oh m. ward. gets me every freaking time.

d said...

then go have a listen to 'crooked lines' right. now. it'll confirm everything you ever wanted to do to him.