pela, anytown graffiti

I think these guys are sort of a cross between The National and Sunset Rubdown. They hail from Brooklyn, NY and sing songs that extole the virtues and vices of American life. Straightforward rock 'n' roll in a time when that just isn't done all that much anymore, gives them a refreshing sound that stands out in the miasma of indie rock sheep pastures.

'Anytown Graffiti' is their debut LP which includes a lot of the songs on an EP they put out last year.

Unfortunately, I missed them when they were in Denver a couple of weeks ago. Please come back soon. I'll buy you a beer.

Check out their myspace page to give them a listen. Since I still haven't figured out how to post mp3s on my blog. I'm technology retarded.


blythe said...

ooh yes. pela is good shit. and no worries. i am super technologically advanced and i can't figure out how to put mp3s on my blog. actually, i'm not. i just wanted to make you feel better.

d said...

ha. well thanks for trying anyway. it's become a mission of mine, really. i will figure it out someday.