the living room's done at least

Today, instead of painting, I mowed and weeded my yard. I'm now able to use my garage. For my car. To understand this, you would've had to have seen the WEEDS growing in front of the door. There were so many, they ate my weed eater.

Then I decided to go ahead and replace the deadbolt and the knob on the front door. It kind of works. The deadbolt does at least, which is the important part I guess. I think I need to chisel out some wood to get the knob to work. It may require calling someone.

Once I add a couple of pieces of furniture and hang a few more pieces of artwork, this room will be officially done.

Tomorrow. More painting. But I'm going bouldering dammit. Come hell or high water.

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Jeannette said...

i like the painting above the couch

i like the copy of 'where the wild things are' on the bookshelf