it really won't ever end

Sisyphus: Man. I'm really fucking sick and tired of pushing this rock up that hill.

Me: Tell me about it.

S (taking me literally): Well, it's rather pointless isn't it? (For some reason I imagine Sisyphus speaks with an English accent. Even though he's Greek.) I mean, it takes me all day to push the fucking rock up the bloody hill and then it just rolls back down the fucking hill and ends up at the exact point where I was 24 hours ago.

M: Oh cry me a River Styx, S. All you're doing is pushing. It's not like you have to paint the same room over and over again.

S: Whatever, mate. There's no way painting is harder than pushing that rock.

M: Dude. You are so wrong. First, I have to patch all of the nail holes with spackle. Wait for it to dry and sand it down. Then, I have to tape off all of the trim. Then I have to paint around the edges with a brush being extra careful not to get any on the ceiling. Then I get to paint the walls. Then I have to wait for it to dry and then put on a second coat. Then a third. And then a fourth. By the time that's done, I get to tape off the trim the other way and put three coats on that. Then I have to touch up. And trust me, if it isn't perfect, the Devil makes me do it all over again. And on the off chance that I do get it perfect, He decides that he doesn't like the color and tells me to change it. Can I tell you how tedious and excruciating all of this is? And the Devil won't let me listen to music while I do it either. Instead he pipes in the sound of someone clipping their fingernails, mixed with the sound of someone else eating potato chips.

You got it easy.

S: Yeah. You're right. Sucks to be you.

Just like Curtis, I just know that this is how I'm going to spend eternity.


Colleen said...

thank you. i just realized sisyphus is the perfect metaphor for living in new york with debt (because of living in NY) while working full time, though not earning a ton and also not being independently wealthy. you're always pushing that rock, but you never make any real progress. it can go on indefinitely!

d said...

you're really quite welcome. i'm glad i could be of service.

(i will never, ever ever understand why people choose to live in new york. i mean. it's a great city and all, but man. that's some crazy-ass shit.)

Jeannette said...

i love how you're obsessed with walls right now.

i actually like painting rooms, i find it relaxing. i painted my room 'asparagus' this summer, and my ceiling light blue. That was tough; I had to stand on my toes, Im only 5'1".

In conclusion: stop whining. You sound like me and the 'paper vs plastic bag' battle.

Just kidding, keep whining.

d said...

you will hear no more whining from me about painting. mainly because i'm taking a break. once i start painting the closets - watch out. it's gonna get ugly.