i'm all moved in

Well. Everything's in. A big shout out goes to Derek and Nikki for helping me lug it all. And thanks to Rachel and her van, we only had to make one trip. I way underestimated the size of truck I'd need.

I still need to find places for it all. And paint. A lot. But I'm in MY HOUSE. Which is still kind of weird to say. Thankfully, I have the whole week off to get all settled in. I'm at least going to get the living room and the hallway painted this week. The bedrooms may have to wait a little bit. A guy can only paint so much in one sitting.

I made a trip to Home Depot yesterday to give them the first installment in my payment plan. I bought some stuff. In my first acts as a home owner I rewired my dryer (with only one minor explosion) and installed a new shower head. How exciting is that? My next act will be to put a new lock and new knob on the front door. After I sand and paint it. So, you know. Next December.

I did take today off to go climbing. Colin and I headed up to Boulder Canyon to try out some trad climbing. We did four climbs and most of them went off without a hitch. I got a little bloody, but all of the cuts were from cleaning the climbs, not from mistakes on my part. Some of those nuts were difficult to remove.

Oh. And get this. I tried my first trad lead. And ALMOST made it to the top. I had one more move to complete and I didn't feel comfortable with the gear I had and the only placement option I had (basically, I didn't have a cam or a nut big enough to place in the crack), and I freaked out and came back down. Then Colin finished the lead and I followed him up it. And realized that I kind of freaked out needlessly. I could've made it over it without any pro. But. It's pretty amazing how different a climb is when you're leading it than on top rope. At least I gave it a shot and almost finished. And Colin said that the gear I did place was all solid and well done. So that's something. Wish me luck on my next try.

Ok. I'm off to bed to rest up for my second trip to Home Depot tomorrow.

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