Let me start off by saying that I'm just plain cranky. And here's why. Beyond having to be at work when I really, really don't want to be, this was my morning:

I forgot to take my nightly dose of Sleepy Time® before I went to bed last night, so I woke up at 1:50a, 3:20a, 4:00a, 5:25a, 6:00a (at which time I decided that I wasn't going to get out of bed. ever.), 6:50a and then 7:00a when the alarm went off and I figured that it would be best if I got up.

The R-dog, needless to say, did not get her morning constitutional. She seemed slightly aggravated about it. But maybe I'm just projecting.

The second I got done watering the lawn, it started to rain. Seriously. I turned off the sprinkler and the sky started pissing.

I got all geared up to get on my bike, went out to the garage to get said bike and discovered that I had a flat back tire. I looked in the 'bike bin' and learned that I didn't have any extra tubes, nor could I find my tube repair kit which apparently disappeared in the move.

I thought about just airing up the tire and hoping it would hold 'til I got to work, but as I was already 20 minutes late to work, I decided to drive.

It is 'Bike to Work' day today.

Today sucks butt.


Jeannette said...

i imagine you cranky is something like me happy.

d said...

you must be happy A LOT