dear sweet baby jesus

I'm tired. Like tired tired. Like I'm 85 and just spent the entire day actually awake instead of snoozing in my recliner in front of the tv. Like it's 7.5p and I could happily go to bed and probably sleep until 8p tomorrow.

Colin and I went climbing again today. I know. Two days in a row. That's a bunch of climbing. We headed up to Lumpy's Ridge just outside of Estes Park to try our hand at Melvin's Wheel, a 5.8+ on The Bookmark. We made it up the first pitch without any problems because it had a bunch of nice, chunky jugs for handholds, and a really nice roof problem just at the end before a sweet ledge which had a bolted belay station. I could've taken a little nap on that ledge it was so wide. Ok. Not really, but it was nice and wide. Almost like belaying from the ground.

The second pitch was pretty much sustained 5.8 crack that wasn't difficult or scary, just really strenuous. By the time I got done with that, I'd had enough and called it quits. So we rappelled back down instead of doing the third pitch. So, the climbing, plus the hour-long hike in and the hour-long hike back out combined to make Sean a very tired guy.

I guess there will be no painting of the bedroom tonight. I'll use it for sleeping instead.

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