daily commute #3 (and painting)

So. Sick. Of. Painting.

The orange color I picked for the bedroom, charmingly named 'Nutmeg' (or boringly if you think about it for a little), takes not just one, not just two, but three (and a half in some places) coats to cover the wall completely. Either I bought really shitty paint or I just don't know what I'm doing, or I shouldn't have started painting in the first place. Two nights and I've only got half of the room finished.

And don't even get me started on painting trim. And how painter's tape doesn't keep its promises.

But, really. I'm just bitching to bitch. I know it will be worth it once it's all done. Although I am going to hold off on painting the office/studio for a while. Like at least a month or so. In the meantime I will put up crown molding and get the new doors I've been eyeing at Home Depot.

If you're sick and tired of me kvetching about house stuff, enjoy this photo instead:

This is another one of my favorite buildings in good ol' FC. I love that they have a 'Fur Storage Vault'. I just imagine that there's a room in there somewhere full of piles of used dog hair. Now that I've moved, I don't get to ride by it any more.


DougieB said...

I love that building! Everytime i walk by it, schemes of pulling 'the great fur heist of 07' run through my head.

How do you think you would organize an operation like that? by size? Animal? Smell? Age? Price?

d said...

i imagine the cross referencing task would be enormous. and painful. and not something i would want to undertake.

the storyline of your 'heist' is now running through my head. in which you walk in and say, 'give me all the furs.' and the guy behind the counter shrugs, and says, 'sure. why not?' and returns with the two of them that have been there since 1935 and gives them to you.

Jeannette said...

so when am i moving in? hopefully after all the work is done.

d said...

well, if you move in now, you can help me paint! it's fun. i promise. or if you wait until the end of july most of the heavy lifting will be over with.

unless i get really, really lazy. which could happen.