cob rock

Nothing makes you feel like more of a badass than completing a Tyrolean traverse without falling in the river and then belaying another climber while hanging from some anchors about 100' off the ground.

Today Colin and I headed up to Cob Rock in Boulder Canyon to try out my very first multipitch climb. As the word suggests, this means you do a climb in multiple stages. Which means you have to belay somewhere up on the face of the rock while the other guy is climbing either below or above you. Let me just tell you how terrifying this is when you do it the first time. I was tense and nervous the entire three hours we were on the wall.

But first, before we could even get to the base of the climb we had to do this:

Which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The rope was pretty tight and it was pretty easy to pull yourself across. Although if either one of us would've fallen in... death.

Then we started climbing. North Face Center, 5.7, the route Colin chose was three pitches long, and not extremely strenuous climbing. Until the third pitch. The first belay was on a ledge, so it wasn't a big deal.

But at the second belay, there was no ledge, so we had to just hang from the anchors. Which was a little hard on the nerves. The second pitch was probably my favorite. It was good, thoughtful climbing, but definitely not out of my league. I felt really comfortable, but still had to go kind of slow and think about all of the moves.

Then I had the joy of belaying while hanging from anchors as there was no ledge to stand on.

Can I just say how hard it is to put your life in the hands of four little nuts wedged into a crack in the rock? Yeah. It's hard. If I hadn't had to pee so badly, I probably would've shit my pants.

The last pitch wasn't as much fun. There was a really sketchy section which was just plain hard to get over. I try really hard to avoid the hand jams. Mainly because I don't trust them, but also because they hurt. But it was unavoidable this time, and I left some blood on the rock.

We ended up pretty high off the ground with both of us needing to pee like we'd never had to pee before.

It was a relief to be done with the climb. Someone should invent climbing diapers. Or suits like the astronauts get. But that might be too cumbersome.

So, my first multipitch is complete. And I didn't die.

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Dylan said...

That sounds like a perfect introduction to multipitch - congrats!