anchoring reality

Today Colin and I went out to Horsetooth so he could show me how to build anchors. A much-needed skill if I'm ever gonna lead trad. It so wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Although, I think I'm still pretty nervous to try it without any assistance.

Then I came home and painted another wall of the bedroom. Jesus. I think I just got some crappy paint. It so should not take four coats to cover up pale yellow paint.

Thursday I found out that my insurance company is mandating that I paint the garage or they will cancel my policy. Everyone I talk to says that this sounds absurd, but I'm gonna go ahead and paint it anyway. And by that I mean I'm gonna pay someone to do it for me, 'cause I just don't think I can stomach it.

Unless, of course, any of you want to come over and have a little painting party?


Jeannette said...

Do you want to fly me out there so I can help you?

You know, I used to work at Home Depot and I know a bit about paint.

Something like this?

d said...

that's awfully nice of you to offer your services, but i really wouldn't, no couldn't, ask anyone to paint anything. it's just too tedious and i would have no friends left.

that's a pretty sweet-ass mural.