i might have ptsd

I just had the pleasure of walking into the company's restroom and seeing my boss standing at the sink, half-naked, splashing his armpits with water. I tried really hard not to look, but even the flash I got was pretty disturbing.

Now my boss is not an unattractive person, and it's not like he's fat and hairy and has pimples all over his back, but still. I don't need to see someone who gives me a paycheck even remotely unclothed. I think if you're gonna go exercise during the work day, you should shower at the place you work out at or just go au natural. Know what I mean?

Good thing it's Friday and I have the entire weekend to erase, scrape, burn the image from my brain. Although I think I may have been scarred beyond repair.


statistics don't lie

Occasionally, instead of working, I like to check the stats on my blog. Guess what I just did?

So, I'm looking at the keyword search engine list and notice that someone from the UK actually typed in the words ' porn, mishaps' and came upon my blog.

My first thought is, 'Dude. WHY were you looking for porn mishaps. 'Cause, ewwwww.'

My second thought is, 'Aw, poor guy/girl, you were looking for porn and clicked on my blog. You must be so disappointed.'

Maybe I should put some porn on here...

this, however, is awesome

So even though it's being produced by Ethan Hawke (seriously? is he still alive?) the soundtrack to the movie, The Hottest State, looks like it is going to be AWESOME. Check out the track listing:

Rocha "Ya No Te Veria Mas (Never See You)"
Willie Nelson "Always Seem to Get Things Wrong"
Feist "Somewhere Down the Road"
Bright Eyes "Big Old House"
Emmylou Harris "The Speed of Sound"
Jesse Harris "It Will Stay With Us"
The Black Keys "If You Ever Slip"
M. Ward "Crooked Lines"
Norah Jones "World of Trouble"
Brad Mehldau "Never See You"
Cat Power "It's Alright to Fail"
Jesse Harris "One Day the Dam Will Break"
Tony Scherr "You, the Queen"
"Morning in a Strange City (Cafe)"
Rocha "No More"
Jesse Harris "Dear Dorothy"
Rocha "Never See You”
"There Are No Second Chances"

I've been endlessly listening to the M. Ward and Bright Eyes tracks on the myspace. Both of which kick so much butt it's nearly breathtaking and definitely indescribable. If the soundtrack is any indication of the quality of the movie then I don't think I can wait another month for it to come out.

easy tiger

The one word that comes to mind when trying to describe this album is 'screechy.' I think all of the drugs that Mr. Adams has ingested have finally started to ruin his voice. There are quite a few places where I think, 'Man. He kinda can't sing anymore.' And you know how on every one of his albums there's one song that's just chock full of cringeworthy lyrics? For some reason he decided to start the album off with that one this time, 'Halloweenhead'. The title kinda says it all. At one point he screams out 'Guitar solo!' What?

There really isn't anything new on it, just the same melodies as past songs with new lyrics slapped on top. He even does a remake of 'Off Broadway'. What's the matter Ryan, couldn't actually think of a new song to write? Are you actually done then? The whole album is pretty much regurgitation which is kind of a surprise from such a prolific writer. In spite of this, a couple of the songs, 'Everybody Knows' and 'Goodnight Rose' are pretty fucking excellent. Overall though, it's a pretty big disappointment.

I'm not really sure why the critics are raving about this effort saying that it's his best album since 'Heartbreaker', 'cause it's just so not. Unless, of course, you were just wanting 'Heartbreaker -2.0' then you'd probably be pretty happy with 'Easy Tiger'. But then, I liked 'Rock 'n' Roll' and 'Love is Hell', unlike everyone else, so what the hell do I know?

I think though, that this album might have finally allowed me to get over my crush.



Let me start off by saying that I'm just plain cranky. And here's why. Beyond having to be at work when I really, really don't want to be, this was my morning:

I forgot to take my nightly dose of Sleepy Time® before I went to bed last night, so I woke up at 1:50a, 3:20a, 4:00a, 5:25a, 6:00a (at which time I decided that I wasn't going to get out of bed. ever.), 6:50a and then 7:00a when the alarm went off and I figured that it would be best if I got up.

The R-dog, needless to say, did not get her morning constitutional. She seemed slightly aggravated about it. But maybe I'm just projecting.

The second I got done watering the lawn, it started to rain. Seriously. I turned off the sprinkler and the sky started pissing.

I got all geared up to get on my bike, went out to the garage to get said bike and discovered that I had a flat back tire. I looked in the 'bike bin' and learned that I didn't have any extra tubes, nor could I find my tube repair kit which apparently disappeared in the move.

I thought about just airing up the tire and hoping it would hold 'til I got to work, but as I was already 20 minutes late to work, I decided to drive.

It is 'Bike to Work' day today.

Today sucks butt.


pela, anytown graffiti

I think these guys are sort of a cross between The National and Sunset Rubdown. They hail from Brooklyn, NY and sing songs that extole the virtues and vices of American life. Straightforward rock 'n' roll in a time when that just isn't done all that much anymore, gives them a refreshing sound that stands out in the miasma of indie rock sheep pastures.

'Anytown Graffiti' is their debut LP which includes a lot of the songs on an EP they put out last year.

Unfortunately, I missed them when they were in Denver a couple of weeks ago. Please come back soon. I'll buy you a beer.

Check out their myspace page to give them a listen. Since I still haven't figured out how to post mp3s on my blog. I'm technology retarded.


daily commute #5

Look! Weird, random art just standing out in the middle of nowhere! Seriously. There's nothing even offering a clue as to what this is, who did it, or why it's standing near the Poudre River Trail. But the anonymity makes it pretty awesome. It might not be as intriguing if it was in a museum somewhere.


well. that's one more thing off the list.

I was tempted to leave it like this:

But then I came to my senses and finished it off today. Thank god. No more painting for a very long while. Even though the studio is still lavender colored. It will have to stay that way. At least until August. When I can't take it any longer.

Next up. The Yard.


it really won't ever end

Sisyphus: Man. I'm really fucking sick and tired of pushing this rock up that hill.

Me: Tell me about it.

S (taking me literally): Well, it's rather pointless isn't it? (For some reason I imagine Sisyphus speaks with an English accent. Even though he's Greek.) I mean, it takes me all day to push the fucking rock up the bloody hill and then it just rolls back down the fucking hill and ends up at the exact point where I was 24 hours ago.

M: Oh cry me a River Styx, S. All you're doing is pushing. It's not like you have to paint the same room over and over again.

S: Whatever, mate. There's no way painting is harder than pushing that rock.

M: Dude. You are so wrong. First, I have to patch all of the nail holes with spackle. Wait for it to dry and sand it down. Then, I have to tape off all of the trim. Then I have to paint around the edges with a brush being extra careful not to get any on the ceiling. Then I get to paint the walls. Then I have to wait for it to dry and then put on a second coat. Then a third. And then a fourth. By the time that's done, I get to tape off the trim the other way and put three coats on that. Then I have to touch up. And trust me, if it isn't perfect, the Devil makes me do it all over again. And on the off chance that I do get it perfect, He decides that he doesn't like the color and tells me to change it. Can I tell you how tedious and excruciating all of this is? And the Devil won't let me listen to music while I do it either. Instead he pipes in the sound of someone clipping their fingernails, mixed with the sound of someone else eating potato chips.

You got it easy.

S: Yeah. You're right. Sucks to be you.

Just like Curtis, I just know that this is how I'm going to spend eternity.


mo' money blues

In the next step to becoming independently wealthy I bought three mutual funds yesterday.

This morning I opened up my stock ticker and discovered that all three of them did the exact opposite of what they're supposed to do and went down in value.

Looks like The Donald doesn't have anything to worry about.


filed under: things that shouldn't happen. ever.

I think Paula Cole is trying to make a comeback. Remember her? From 'Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?' fame? For some reason, the blogs I read have been talking about her lately and she made it on to last month's Paste sampler (which I'm just now listening to). But I don't think she's gonna do it with lyrics like 'my heart is a P.O.W. tangled in my chest'.


daily commute #4

I don't know exactly what occurs on the inside of this building, but I'm guessing it has something to do with ranching or feeding large animals.

In other news, I got a new garage door today. And I'm absurdly excited about it. It's nice to have a door that opens electronically. And a garage in which I can store my plethora of outdoor equipment.


anchoring reality

Today Colin and I went out to Horsetooth so he could show me how to build anchors. A much-needed skill if I'm ever gonna lead trad. It so wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Although, I think I'm still pretty nervous to try it without any assistance.

Then I came home and painted another wall of the bedroom. Jesus. I think I just got some crappy paint. It so should not take four coats to cover up pale yellow paint.

Thursday I found out that my insurance company is mandating that I paint the garage or they will cancel my policy. Everyone I talk to says that this sounds absurd, but I'm gonna go ahead and paint it anyway. And by that I mean I'm gonna pay someone to do it for me, 'cause I just don't think I can stomach it.

Unless, of course, any of you want to come over and have a little painting party?


bloody knuckles

Colin and I headed up to Vedauwoo today to meet Ann, Dylan, Kate, Mark, Doug and Liz (and Doug's mom) for a day of off-width and chimneys. We hit Valley Massif which is located somewhat in the middle of the park. Ann was gracious enough to meet us at the free parking area to help guide us in as I wasn't too sure that I remembered exactly how to get there, and so after an easy, leisurely hour-long stroll we reached the crag. Even though we had beat the others there by quite a bit, we decided to go ahead and get started hoping that they would arrive with an extra rope before all three of us got to the top of the climb, otherwise we wouldn't be able to get back down.

In spite of his lack of motivation, Colin decided he could lead Screw 5.7 and so started up it after getting some, what we thought was, good beta from Ann and I. See I thought I had done this climb before, last summer, so Ann and I kept telling Colin to look for some bolted anchors off to the right when he reached a wide ledge that he could walk around on. Turns out that we were confusing it with Soft Touch 5.5, and there were no bolted anchors. Oops. Luckily, Colin is a pretty laid back guy and didn't really care that we were shouting bad directions at him from the base of the climb. Thankfully, Dylan and Mark showed up just as Colin was about to reach the end of the rope with an extra rope and a guidebook.We got everything sorted out, Colin got settled in to a nice belay station and I followed him up.

So. I had never done this climb before and it was most excellent. Afforded me the opportunity to work on my chimney skillz. Generally, chimneys aren't my favorite things to climb, because I'm intensely claustrophobic and tend to freak out when I have to wedge my body into tight spaces. Depending on how wide the chimney is, you can use a foot/knee wedge to inch your way up it. Unfortunately, this chimney wasn't wide enough for that. Once I calmed down and started breathing again, I figured out that I had to use a pelvis/feet wedge and sort of 'hump' my way up. A little uncomfortable and unorthodox, but it ended up working. I felt like the hardest part of this climb was a couple of moves after the chimney. I ended up having to hang for a second because I wedged my foot into a crack and then had to stand there for so long trying to figure out the next move that I hurt my foot and had to give it a rest. After I figured out that I needed to use the face to the right of it, things went pretty smoothly.

After watching Doug and Mark play around on a 5.10b that I don't know the name of, I was ready to get on another route. So I followed Dylan and Liz up Soft Touch. A really fun, sweet climb with some crack mixed in with a nice, easy roof and then some really great stemming moves near the end. That was it. I remembered it once I was in the middle of the stemming. A really great way to end the day. Colin exhausted himself on Hammer 5.8+, while I was climbing Soft Touch, so after that we packed up and headed home. By the time we got to the car, the rain that had been threatening all day finally opened up and soaked us a bit.

I've decided that I need to start using tape, as I opened up my old wounds from last weekend and gave myself a couple of new ones. This showing up at work on Monday with bloody knuckles is getting a little old.


the final word

Tonight I took a break from all of the house stuff and finally made it out to Horsetooth Res. I met Dylan and Ann, and New Mexican friends, Dave and Lisa and little Wee D for an evening of bouldering. I had a really good night, making it through several problems that I didn't think I would. We even got Ann, an avid, vehement hater of bouldering, to try a couple of problems, in my shoes, because we were having so much fun.

I also realized that my last few posts about the house have been a little gritchy and I wanted to clear up any thoughts you might have that I hate my house. Quite the contrary, I love my house. I really do. It's the perfect size for me, I like the layout and the fact that it's on a corner lot. The location is awesome and so is the neighborhood. And most of all, I like the fact that it's mine. Well, it's the bank's really since I haven't even made one single payment yet (not counting the down payment), but on the face of it, it's mine. And, I really do like working on it, even though I keep bitching about painting, it gives me something to do at night besides watch tv or goof around on the interbunny. I'll be even happier when I really get settled in and change the few cosmetic things that I don't like. All of them relatively easy and cheap to complete.

So, raise your glass to being a homeowner. It's nowhere near as terrifying as I thought it would be.


daily commute #3 (and painting)

So. Sick. Of. Painting.

The orange color I picked for the bedroom, charmingly named 'Nutmeg' (or boringly if you think about it for a little), takes not just one, not just two, but three (and a half in some places) coats to cover the wall completely. Either I bought really shitty paint or I just don't know what I'm doing, or I shouldn't have started painting in the first place. Two nights and I've only got half of the room finished.

And don't even get me started on painting trim. And how painter's tape doesn't keep its promises.

But, really. I'm just bitching to bitch. I know it will be worth it once it's all done. Although I am going to hold off on painting the office/studio for a while. Like at least a month or so. In the meantime I will put up crown molding and get the new doors I've been eyeing at Home Depot.

If you're sick and tired of me kvetching about house stuff, enjoy this photo instead:

This is another one of my favorite buildings in good ol' FC. I love that they have a 'Fur Storage Vault'. I just imagine that there's a room in there somewhere full of piles of used dog hair. Now that I've moved, I don't get to ride by it any more.


dear sweet baby jesus

I'm tired. Like tired tired. Like I'm 85 and just spent the entire day actually awake instead of snoozing in my recliner in front of the tv. Like it's 7.5p and I could happily go to bed and probably sleep until 8p tomorrow.

Colin and I went climbing again today. I know. Two days in a row. That's a bunch of climbing. We headed up to Lumpy's Ridge just outside of Estes Park to try our hand at Melvin's Wheel, a 5.8+ on The Bookmark. We made it up the first pitch without any problems because it had a bunch of nice, chunky jugs for handholds, and a really nice roof problem just at the end before a sweet ledge which had a bolted belay station. I could've taken a little nap on that ledge it was so wide. Ok. Not really, but it was nice and wide. Almost like belaying from the ground.

The second pitch was pretty much sustained 5.8 crack that wasn't difficult or scary, just really strenuous. By the time I got done with that, I'd had enough and called it quits. So we rappelled back down instead of doing the third pitch. So, the climbing, plus the hour-long hike in and the hour-long hike back out combined to make Sean a very tired guy.

I guess there will be no painting of the bedroom tonight. I'll use it for sleeping instead.


cob rock

Nothing makes you feel like more of a badass than completing a Tyrolean traverse without falling in the river and then belaying another climber while hanging from some anchors about 100' off the ground.

Today Colin and I headed up to Cob Rock in Boulder Canyon to try out my very first multipitch climb. As the word suggests, this means you do a climb in multiple stages. Which means you have to belay somewhere up on the face of the rock while the other guy is climbing either below or above you. Let me just tell you how terrifying this is when you do it the first time. I was tense and nervous the entire three hours we were on the wall.

But first, before we could even get to the base of the climb we had to do this:

Which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The rope was pretty tight and it was pretty easy to pull yourself across. Although if either one of us would've fallen in... death.

Then we started climbing. North Face Center, 5.7, the route Colin chose was three pitches long, and not extremely strenuous climbing. Until the third pitch. The first belay was on a ledge, so it wasn't a big deal.

But at the second belay, there was no ledge, so we had to just hang from the anchors. Which was a little hard on the nerves. The second pitch was probably my favorite. It was good, thoughtful climbing, but definitely not out of my league. I felt really comfortable, but still had to go kind of slow and think about all of the moves.

Then I had the joy of belaying while hanging from anchors as there was no ledge to stand on.

Can I just say how hard it is to put your life in the hands of four little nuts wedged into a crack in the rock? Yeah. It's hard. If I hadn't had to pee so badly, I probably would've shit my pants.

The last pitch wasn't as much fun. There was a really sketchy section which was just plain hard to get over. I try really hard to avoid the hand jams. Mainly because I don't trust them, but also because they hurt. But it was unavoidable this time, and I left some blood on the rock.

We ended up pretty high off the ground with both of us needing to pee like we'd never had to pee before.

It was a relief to be done with the climb. Someone should invent climbing diapers. Or suits like the astronauts get. But that might be too cumbersome.

So, my first multipitch is complete. And I didn't die.


doesn't really make me feel like swimming

I'm not sure why they call this color, 'Refreshing Pool'. Probably because they couldn't think of any more names for 'blue'. At first I wasn't really sure that I was going to like it (paint always looks so much different on the walls than on the paint chip), but I think it goes pretty well with 'Bison Brown', the color I painted the living room. Which is starting to grow on me. Ann, who is officially the first person to stop by since I moved in, calls it 'tasteful'. Which I guess is what I was going for. It's much darker than I thought it was going to be, but I'm not going through the hell of changing it. At least for a while. It's good that most of my furniture is kind of light, otherwise everything would just disappear. When are they going to invent a way for you to see what it was going to look like before you lug the gallons home and spend two days slapping it on the walls?

At any rate, I think I'm done with painting for a few days. I'm sick of it already. So, tomorrow I'm gonna start clearing the piles out of the bedrooms and fill up the garage. Mainly because I've misplaced my checkbook and not knowing where it's at is driving me crazy.

I'm sure it's in here somewhere.


the living room's done at least

Today, instead of painting, I mowed and weeded my yard. I'm now able to use my garage. For my car. To understand this, you would've had to have seen the WEEDS growing in front of the door. There were so many, they ate my weed eater.

Then I decided to go ahead and replace the deadbolt and the knob on the front door. It kind of works. The deadbolt does at least, which is the important part I guess. I think I need to chisel out some wood to get the knob to work. It may require calling someone.

Once I add a couple of pieces of furniture and hang a few more pieces of artwork, this room will be officially done.

Tomorrow. More painting. But I'm going bouldering dammit. Come hell or high water.


i'm all moved in

Well. Everything's in. A big shout out goes to Derek and Nikki for helping me lug it all. And thanks to Rachel and her van, we only had to make one trip. I way underestimated the size of truck I'd need.

I still need to find places for it all. And paint. A lot. But I'm in MY HOUSE. Which is still kind of weird to say. Thankfully, I have the whole week off to get all settled in. I'm at least going to get the living room and the hallway painted this week. The bedrooms may have to wait a little bit. A guy can only paint so much in one sitting.

I made a trip to Home Depot yesterday to give them the first installment in my payment plan. I bought some stuff. In my first acts as a home owner I rewired my dryer (with only one minor explosion) and installed a new shower head. How exciting is that? My next act will be to put a new lock and new knob on the front door. After I sand and paint it. So, you know. Next December.

I did take today off to go climbing. Colin and I headed up to Boulder Canyon to try out some trad climbing. We did four climbs and most of them went off without a hitch. I got a little bloody, but all of the cuts were from cleaning the climbs, not from mistakes on my part. Some of those nuts were difficult to remove.

Oh. And get this. I tried my first trad lead. And ALMOST made it to the top. I had one more move to complete and I didn't feel comfortable with the gear I had and the only placement option I had (basically, I didn't have a cam or a nut big enough to place in the crack), and I freaked out and came back down. Then Colin finished the lead and I followed him up it. And realized that I kind of freaked out needlessly. I could've made it over it without any pro. But. It's pretty amazing how different a climb is when you're leading it than on top rope. At least I gave it a shot and almost finished. And Colin said that the gear I did place was all solid and well done. So that's something. Wish me luck on my next try.

Ok. I'm off to bed to rest up for my second trip to Home Depot tomorrow.