the monastery

Colin and I headed up to the aptly named The Monastery today. After a short drive up Big Thompson Canyon and a not long, but slightly strenuous slog—I think it was at least a 1500' (although it felt like twice that) ascent in maybe about a mile's distance—we got to the rock. I can see why it's called The Montasery, because I could certainly worship there. The rock was weird, very crystally and chunky with fairly pinchy hand holds, but really great foot holds. This is a place where you really have to trust your feet. Something I'm not all that great at.

There was another group (from Michigan of all places) already on the crag when we arrived, but other than those guys, no one else was there, which was surprising. It was such a nice day for climbing.

We started off on what is probably the longest route I've ever done, No Mystery Here. A 5.7 up an arete that seemed to just go on and on. But maybe that's just because I was unused to the rock and the style of climbing. Then we hit Monastic Groove 5.8, The Steeple 5.8, and Simplexity 5.9+. Colin was having such a good time that he didn't want to call it quits, despite the ominous looking clouds hovering overhead, so he decided to try out a route that wasn't in our guide book. When he was about halfway up, the clouds opened up and gave us the rain they had been trying to spill on us all day. So, as soon as he was done, we packed quickly and bolted out of there.

It was a weird day of climbing for me because at the end, my legs were more tired than my arms. It was either the hike or maybe I'm finally starting to climb like I'm supposed to. Although my fingertips feel pretty shredded so probably not. Really though, it was another great day. We'll definitely be going back there again.

I think I'm finally getting back to being comfortable climbing outside, so maybe soon I will start leading again.

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