horsetooth and houses

I finally made it out to Horsetooth Res last night to boulder. Kind of a late start this year, but what with all of the rain and househunting it just hasn't happened yet. For me anyway. Dylan's been out there a few times already. I worked on one problem pretty much the entire evening, but after about an hour I finally nailed it.

On the house front, I had the inspection yesterday and now am back up in the air about whether I should buy this house or not. There may be some serious(?) issues with the plumbing. I'm trying to decide whether it's worth it to see if the owners will fix the issues or not. I may just walk away and keep looking.

Being a grown-up is stressful.

At least bouldering last night took my mind off of it for a couple of hours.


ghost said...

what exactly is bouldering? my students here have a dance called bageling, but i look like a heroin junkie when i try it. im sure thats why they keep asking me to do it.

d said...

bouldering is definitely NOT bageling. that sounds awkward and embarrassing. not that bouldering isn't both of those things also, but it has absolutely nothing to do with dancing.

basically, it's rock climbing on extremely short routes without any ropes.

Anonymous said...

We had a "major" electrical problem that spurred a whole truckload of second thoughts.

But we fought the battle—and the owner finally agreed to fix the problem.

If the sellers have paid any attention to all the articles on the state of the housing market these days, they'll fix the plumbing and throw in a new roof while they're at it.

d said...

yeah. i ended up thinking it wasn't really worth it in the end.

they've already been unwilling to haggle, and i don't want to waste any more time on them. so. i'm walking away.

i'll just keep looking for something else. something that's better, dangit.