a day of lasts

After a somewhat stressful day yesterday at work, I almost decided to NOT go out to Horsetooth to boulder. But I made myself go and, as always, I was glad I did. Colin met me out there and we spent an hour scrambling all over what I think is called The Mental Block (if I remember correctly). The only mishap occured when I stepped backwards without really looking where I was going and tumbled backwards down one of the many paths that crisscross the area. Klutzy people like me probably shouldn't be allowed outside.

This morning while I was walking the R-dog it hit me that that was the last time I will take her for a walk on that path in the morning. Now I'm having all of these 'last' moments. That's the last time I'll ride by that. That's the last time I'll do that. etc. And I'm not even sad about it. For. When I get back from Montana, I will be the OWNER of a HOUSE. That's still a little terrifying to think about, but I'm mostly excited to have my own little piece of the world.

Alright peeps. Have good Mem Day Wknds.

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