back in 'rado

The R-dog and I survived Montana. And all of its rain. And the endless mind-numbing hours in the car driving through eastern Wyoming. Although, even eastern Wyoming isn't the most boring drive in the world. Just endless. I decided that eastern Wyoming is what western Kansas wants to be when it grows up.

So, as alluded to, it pretty much rained the entire time I was in Big Sky Country. Which limited the amount of time spent outside to practically nil. It was still a good trip though. Good to see my peeps. And good to see Missoula again. Man, I wished that had worked out. It's such a cool little(ish) town.

And, after seeing Red Lodge, MT, I've decided that I'm going to move there someday. Someday when I'm really sick and tired of the world and need to become somewhat hermit-y. So, tomorrow probably. I stayed in the most hilarious hotel room I've ever seen while in R.L. I haven't been able to upload the pics yet, but once I do, I'll post 'em. It had a 'steam bath'. Which came with instructions. And I was too afraid to try out. Especially since the shower doors wouldn't close.

This aft. I offically close on the house. And the little corner lot at 514 Hanna St becomes mine. I'm still more excited than terrified, so I guess that's a good sign. Prepare yourself for lots of kvetching about house ownership. And endless talk of what to do with the yard. Which in my opinion is what needs the most work.


see you on the flip side

I'm outta here. Off to beautiful Montana for four days. Four days of mountains, woods and lakes. And hopefully very few people. And lots of beer.

Talk to you all next week.

a day of lasts

After a somewhat stressful day yesterday at work, I almost decided to NOT go out to Horsetooth to boulder. But I made myself go and, as always, I was glad I did. Colin met me out there and we spent an hour scrambling all over what I think is called The Mental Block (if I remember correctly). The only mishap occured when I stepped backwards without really looking where I was going and tumbled backwards down one of the many paths that crisscross the area. Klutzy people like me probably shouldn't be allowed outside.

This morning while I was walking the R-dog it hit me that that was the last time I will take her for a walk on that path in the morning. Now I'm having all of these 'last' moments. That's the last time I'll ride by that. That's the last time I'll do that. etc. And I'm not even sad about it. For. When I get back from Montana, I will be the OWNER of a HOUSE. That's still a little terrifying to think about, but I'm mostly excited to have my own little piece of the world.

Alright peeps. Have good Mem Day Wknds.


good tunes make everything better

Man. I did an AWESOME job of purchasing music this month. And I need to talk about it.

First off. Christians & Lions 'More Songs for Dreamsleepers & the Very Awake'. I love this album. I can't stop listening to it. A little bluegrass-y. A lot folk-y. Well-written AND listener friendly enough that you can sing along. This is their debut and I only hope that their sophomore effort doesn't go the way of normal sophomore efforts.

The new(ish) Midlake. 'The Trials of Van Occupanther'. Jesus these guys rip my soul right out of my body. Really nice, mellow 70's soft rock. Lots of piano and electric guitar and beautiful harmonies.

Ola Podrida. 'Ola Podrida'. I think this is his debut. He sounds so much like Josh Ritter (and we all know how much I'm in love with him) that I liked this album instantly.

Loney, Dear. 'Loney, Noir'. Apparently, lately I have a crush on anything and everything Swedish. If I read a review and it says 'from Sweden' anywhere in it, I instantly give it a listen. This one. I play over and over and over.

Peter Bjorn and John. 'Writer's Block'. Another group from Sweden. I hope that PB&J was an accident born of their ignorance of American cuisine, but somehow I'm doubting it. Even though their initials spell something kind of stupid, they make pretty good music. Pretty, straight forward rock with a little violin thrown in for good measure.

Cloud Cult. 'Aurora Borealis'. Really nice to rock out too and sing at the top of your lungs.

And then I finally got the Amy Winehouse. Which I have to be in the mood to listen to, but it's really good if I'm in the right frame of mind. I can't believe that big voice comes out of that little body.

And, of course, the new Wilco. Which I'll stop talking about already, but I kind of think it might be their best one ever.


ma house

I finally got the inspection report today, which was on Thursday by the way, and so decided to ask for some cash from the seller to fix the stuff that is wrong. And she accepted. Without quibbling.

My first thought was that I probably should've asked for more.

At any rate, only two more hurdles to jump and I will be a property owner. ::meep::

daily commute

Last year I decided to name this guy Frank. I always saw him alone, by himself on this part of Spring Creek. I figured he was ostracized because of the green tag some sadistic person put around his neck. Which made the other geese hate him. At the end of Canada Geese Season, I was wondering if I would ever see him again. This year he returned. Still alone.

I guess he'll always have the mallards.


the monastery

Colin and I headed up to the aptly named The Monastery today. After a short drive up Big Thompson Canyon and a not long, but slightly strenuous slog—I think it was at least a 1500' (although it felt like twice that) ascent in maybe about a mile's distance—we got to the rock. I can see why it's called The Montasery, because I could certainly worship there. The rock was weird, very crystally and chunky with fairly pinchy hand holds, but really great foot holds. This is a place where you really have to trust your feet. Something I'm not all that great at.

There was another group (from Michigan of all places) already on the crag when we arrived, but other than those guys, no one else was there, which was surprising. It was such a nice day for climbing.

We started off on what is probably the longest route I've ever done, No Mystery Here. A 5.7 up an arete that seemed to just go on and on. But maybe that's just because I was unused to the rock and the style of climbing. Then we hit Monastic Groove 5.8, The Steeple 5.8, and Simplexity 5.9+. Colin was having such a good time that he didn't want to call it quits, despite the ominous looking clouds hovering overhead, so he decided to try out a route that wasn't in our guide book. When he was about halfway up, the clouds opened up and gave us the rain they had been trying to spill on us all day. So, as soon as he was done, we packed quickly and bolted out of there.

It was a weird day of climbing for me because at the end, my legs were more tired than my arms. It was either the hike or maybe I'm finally starting to climb like I'm supposed to. Although my fingertips feel pretty shredded so probably not. Really though, it was another great day. We'll definitely be going back there again.

I think I'm finally getting back to being comfortable climbing outside, so maybe soon I will start leading again.


daily commute

I've decided to institute a new feature here at MMM to give all of you a glimpse into my daily ride into work. Are you excited? I know. Try to contain yourself.

This is one of my favorite buildings. It looks like sometime in its fairly recent past it's been converted into apartments.

I love that they kept the old sign up.

(click on the image if you want to see it bigger)



Today Colin and I met up with Ann, Dylan and Kate for a day at Vedauwoo, my first time up there this year. It was as hard as ever, but still a lot of fun. Colin enjoyed getting in some trad climbing and I enjoyed just getting outside and on the rock. One of these days, I may even get up the nerve to actually lead something there.


on the house front

I decided to bail on the tiny house on Maple Street. It just didn't feel right anymore. But, like a sixteen-year-old kid who breaks up with his girlfriend because he really wants to ask Stacey, the head cheerleader, if she'll go to the prom with him, I may have found another house that I like even better.

We'll see if I score with my best pickup line.


horsetooth and houses

I finally made it out to Horsetooth Res last night to boulder. Kind of a late start this year, but what with all of the rain and househunting it just hasn't happened yet. For me anyway. Dylan's been out there a few times already. I worked on one problem pretty much the entire evening, but after about an hour I finally nailed it.

On the house front, I had the inspection yesterday and now am back up in the air about whether I should buy this house or not. There may be some serious(?) issues with the plumbing. I'm trying to decide whether it's worth it to see if the owners will fix the issues or not. I may just walk away and keep looking.

Being a grown-up is stressful.

At least bouldering last night took my mind off of it for a couple of hours.



I finally got around to watching this this weekend. I should've had a vague idea what sort of things were going to occur since it was created by James Cameron Mitchell, the same guy that did Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but I still found myself in a little bit of shock—the introduction is a series of quick cuts between three scenes: a guy trying to give himself a blowjob, a guy begging to be whipped by a dominatrix and a man and a woman having very aggressive sex. It's a movie largely about how the desire for and act of sex alienate us while simultaneously bringing us together. Each of the three main characters have some sort of issue with sex. One guy used to be a prostitute, the dominatrix wants a white picket fence and the sex counselor can't have an orgasm. Their stories all intertwine at a 'sex' club called 'Shortbus'. Once you get over the graphicness of the images and start to get more into what the characters are actually going through, the movie winds up being an enjoyable, thought provoking and even humorous experience.


i am still alive. promise.

I vowed to never be one of those bloggers who apologized for being absent from blogging. So, I won't apologize. I'll just say that I suck. I have no excuse. Other than that I just haven't had a whole lot to say lately. Please forgive me. I'm sure it will change at some point. Hopefully soon. For all our sakes. 'Cause a me without a whole lot to say is slightly worrisome.